Boult Audio Z40 Ultra vs Boult Audio Z40 Pro Comparison

Both the Boult Audio Z40 Pro and Z40 Ultra are true wireless earbuds, but they cater to slightly different needs and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of these tws earbuds key features to help you decide which boult earbuds is right choiec for you.

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Features and Details Comparison

  • Price: The Z40 Ultra is significantly more expensive than the Z40 Pro.
  • Playtime: The Z40 Ultra offers substantially similar battery life, both per charge and overall with the charging case.
  • Drivers: The Z40 Ultra uses 10mm bass drivers, potentially offering better sound quality and deeper bass.
  • ANC: The Z40 Ultra features ANC for actively blocking out ambient noise, while the Z40 Pro relies on passive noise isolation.
  • Transparency mode: The Z40 Ultra allows you to hear your surroundings without removing the earbuds, a feature absent in the Z40 Pro.


  • Choose the Z40 Pro if: You’re on a budget and prioritize affordability over features. You value portability and don’t need excessive battery life. You listen to music primarily in quiet environments and don’t require ANC.
  • Choose the Z40 Ultra if: You’re willing to spend more for premium features and extended battery life. You value clear, immersive audio and desire ANC for blocking out noise. You find transparency mode useful for situational awareness, like running outdoors.

Ultimately, the best Bluetooth headset choice depends on your needs and your budget. Consider your priorities and listening habits to determine which Boult earbud offers the best value for you.

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