Boult Audio K35 vs K45: A Head-to-Head Battle of Budget Buds

Choosing between the Boult Audio K35 and K45 earphones can be tricky, as both boast impressive features. Let’s dissect their strengths and weaknesses to help you pick the perfect audio companion.

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Compare Features Details of Boult Audio K35 and Boult Audio K45 Earbuds

Battery Life:

The K35 takes the crown with its unbeatable 32 hours of playtime on a single charge. The K45, although no slouch, offers “only” 50 hours. However, both earphones offer rapid charging, giving you 120 minutes (K35) and 100 minutes (K45) of playback with just a 10-minute charge.

Sound Quality:

Both earphones utilize Boult Audio’s signature BoomX™ 13mm drivers, promising powerful bass and immersive sound. However, the K45 claims “stunning clarity” and “powerful audio layers,” suggesting it might have an edge in overall audio fidelity.

Latency and Connectivity:

Both earphones boast Bluetooth 5.3 for a stable and reliable connection. However, the K35 shines with its 45ms ultra-low latency, ideal for gaming and video calls where audio synchronization is crucial. The K45’s latency isn’t specified, but it’s likely higher.

Noise Cancellation:

The K35 features ZEN™ ENC Mic for clear call quality and some level of noise cancellation. The K45 ups the ante with ZEN™ Quad Mic ENC, promising superior noise cancellation for better audio isolation.

Other Features:

Both earphones include Blink & Pair™ technology for instant pairing. However, the K45 features an IPX5 waterproof rating, making it sweat and splashproof, while the K35’s rating is unspecified.


The K35 is the battery life champion with impressive low latency and good call quality. If those features are your top priorities, it’s the ideal choice. However, if you prioritize superior noise cancellation, stunning clarity, and potential durability, the K45 might be worth the slight price increase.

Ultimately, the perfect choice depends on your individual needs and budget. Weigh the pros and cons carefully to pick the Boult Audio earphones that take your audio experience to the next level.

Differences between prices of Boult Audio K35 and Boult Audio K45

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