Noise Buds N1 vs Boult Audio K45: Review, Comparison, Specs, and Price in India

The budget true wireless earbuds market is overflowing with options, making it tough to distinguish the gems from the duds. Two contenders that demand attention are the Noise Buds N1 and the Boult Audio K45. Both promise a tempting mix of features and affordability, but which one truly deserves a place in your ears?

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  • Noise Buds N1: Tend towards a balanced sound profile with decent clarity. Reviews note they aren’t the bassiest, so if you love booming low-end, these might not be ideal.
  • Boult Audio K45: Likely a warmer, bass-emphasized sound profile, common to Boult products. This may be more exciting for genres like hip-hop or EDM, but could muddy the mid-range a bit.
  • Overall: Sound is subjective! If possible, find reviews with sound descriptions or try to test them yourself.


  • Noise Buds N1: May have the edge here. Reviews mention decent call clarity, but performance can vary outdoors.
  • Boult Audio K45: Call quality info is harder to find. Boult products are generally decent but without specifics, it’s hard to say for sure.
  • Overall: Depends on your needs. If calls are vital, prioritizing reviews with call-quality comments is wise.


  • Noise Buds N1: Up to 7 hours per bud, case adds around 33 hours. Competitive, but not class-leading.
  • Boult Audio K45: Up to 7 hours per bud, case adds around 41 hours. Slightly better overall stamina.
  • Overall: Both are solid for daily use. Boult has a slight win for marathon sessions.


  • Noise Buds N1 Touch controls, IPX5 water resistance (splash-proof). Fairly standard.
  • Boult Audio K45 Touch controls, IPX5 water resistance (better against rain/sweat). B
  • Overall: Neither stands out feature-wise.

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