Zebronics, a name you will be constantly reminded of if you go out there shopping for smartwatches. The brilliant company has done it yet again with their range of smart fitness watches Zeb-FIT3220CH. The product is already available on websites like Amazon and this is the best time to grab it.

Of course, there are competitor products like Fire-Boltt 360 which offers similar features but for a much higher price than Zebronics. The same goes for other high-end products like the Boat Xtend and Boat Delta smartwatch which are priced between 3500-6000 Rs on different websites. Latest Boat smartwatches are in their own league but Zebronics gives you the right product for the right price.

The Zeb-FIT3220CH is a product that cannot be denied. On Amazon, three different variants of the product are available, the black one, the blue one, and finally a gold one. All of these are available for the exact same price which is comparatively lower than some of the products that go along with the whole Smart Fitness Watch genre.

Price in India

The Zebronics Zeb-FIT3220CH can be bought on Amazon for a reasonable price of Rs 2,699. This price tag is lower compared to competitor products which open up at the range of 3,500 or above for the most part. Arguably Zebronics Zeb-FIT3220CH is among the best smartwatches under 3000 Rs with SpO2 monitor.

Features Detail


Full Touch Display:

The watch comes with a smooth full-touch display screen to keep the essence of a smartwatch alive even when this is a very sharply focused fitness watch. The display is complete with TFT color and is as simple to use as they come. No difficult to understand mechanics, no complicated settings.

Just put it on and get going. This display comes studded in an astonishing all-metal body design. This design comes with waterproof and sweatproof ratings of IP68 meaning you don’t ever have to worry about this watch getting water-damaged.

Data Storage And Built-in Games

The Zeb-FIT3220CH comes with a standard 7-day data storage capacity. You can track various things as you go on a run like your blood pressure, Sp02 levels, and heart rate. And all of this data can be reviewed at the end of the week to keep your progress in check.

Of course, pairing it with the Zeb-Fit 20 Series App makes things even better for your weekly data keeping it safe in both the watch and the app. With all of these features, it’s a surprise that the Zeb-FIT3220CH comes under the price of 3000 making it one of the best smartwatches under 3000 Rs.

Even compared to its own alternative Zeb-FIT4220CH which is priced at approximately 4000 Rs on Amazon. The watch also offers built-in games, because let’s admit it, life in 2021 though hectic, can still get boring. Games like Nbirds and many others can keep you entertained when you have nothing else to pass your long hours of time with.

Customization and Modes


Zeb-FIT3220CH comes with over a hundred customizable watch faces. Don’t enjoy the default watch face? Simply go to the Zeb-Fit app and choose from the large selection of watch faces. This helps not only in keeping your favorite face out but also goes along with your many outfits throughout the day.

Choose a different watch face for casual meetings, a different one when you go to the gym, and a different one if you end up in a social situation. Moreover, the watch comes equipped with eight sports modes which include walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, and swimming. Choose the right mode for the right activity and don’t think about it twice.


And finally, everyone knows that a smartwatch has to have a smart charger. A magnetic dock charger comes packed with the watch. Just plug it in and charge it for at least 45 minutes for a lasting battery life of 30 days.