Xiaomi is one of the leading manufacturers with several ranges of gadgets. They are all set to debut their audio equipment in 2021. Xiaomi was planning to unveil a new product at the MI Sound Unveil event. It is an extension in their audio series such as mi bluetooth speaker, neckbands and wired earphone, and it is planned for 22nd February at Noon. 

It was teased with some images on popular platforms Amazon and their official website. The teaser image doesn’t have any specs and it doesn’t even have an image of the product. 

Number Of Products Going To Arrive On The Xiaomi MI Sound Unveil Event 

The teaser image suggests that they are heading to launch two different audio gadgets. The first image has a portable rectangular Bluetooth speaker in the middle and two wired headphones on the bottom right and top left corners.

It may be a hint for launching two audio products at the same time. There is nothing found on the specs of the wired headphones. It may be a neckband as the teaser image had bent flat wires, similar to the neckband structure. However, we are not sure whether it was a neckband or not. 

The New Bluetooth Portable Speaker 

The Bluetooth speaker features and specs are not available now, but we can expect some specs from the teaser images. It is confirmed that it will have a rectangular shape with a grill mesh structure.

The speaker would have a decent finishing and sleek structure that will be a better choice for portable. It was designed to deliver a better noise output, and the drivers would be powerful to produce decent audio combined with the deep bass. 

The speaker structure would be long-lasting and durable. It will also have a water resistance rating as the teaser image has the phrase, “Wet, Set, Go.”  

Expectations On The Bluetooth Speaker

In the Xiaomi MI Sound Unveil event, the Bluetooth speaker will be unveiled, and the specs and features will be available. Till now, we can expect some features by comparing its precursor. 

The Xiaomi MI portable speaker was launched last year with decent specs. The battery performance lasts for 13-hours, and this new Bluetooth speaker is expected to have more than that. 

Similar to its precursor, Xiaomi MI portable speaker, it would also have better IP ratings for protection. The audio output was 16W, so the new speaker may have more than that.