Wings Techno True Wireless Earphone

True wireless earbuds are getting better and cheaper every day. The proof for this statement can be found with the soon to launch Wings Techno True Wireless Earbuds.

The Wings Techno are not only very affordable compared to leading brands, they also come with killer features that are seldom found at their price point.

Wings has launched its new earbuds Wings Vibe tws in a very affordable price range in India.

Let’s explore them a bit further, so you can have an easier decision on whether you wish to get some Wings of your own. 

Wings Techno Specifications: Top and Best Specs

Bluetooth Version: V5.0 

Profile Support: HSP, HFP, A2DP. AVRCP

Stand-by Time: 300 hours 

Music Play Time: 5-6 hours 

Bluetooth Ragne: 10m 

Earbuds Battery Capacity: 50mAh / 3.7V

Charging Case Battery Capacity: 500mAh / 3.7V

Advanced Graphene Driver Size: 5.8 mm 

Dual Mic: Yes

Super Low Latency: Yes

Smart Touch Controls: Yes

Wings Techno Review of Features and Detail

Audio Performance

Now, we all know that a detailed audio review will have to wait for the official launch of the Wings Techno True Wireless Earbuds. But we can extrapolate the potential quality based on the features presented to us in the promotional materials. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the much-touted Graphene bass drivers. Bass lovers all over the world know that true wireless Earbuds are not exactly the best choice to go with if you want your sound to boom.

Either the bass response is not enough for hardcore fans, or it is too muddy or rattly, due to the low amount of space available in TWS Earbuds for a bass chamber.

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The WINGS TECHNO claim to provide excellent quality and quantity of bass in the TWS form factor due to the bass drivers made of Graphene that we talked about earlier. 

Next up, let’s talk about call quality. Another frequent complaint among TWS earbuds users is the lack of a decent mic.

The higher-end options in the market do have much more serviceable inbuilt mics, but in the lower end of the price spectrum, it can be difficult to find a decent mic on a cheap pair of TWS buds. Not so with the WINGS TECHNO.

It is described as having two mics inbuilt – one in each earbud. This should, theoretically, allow for much better pickup, as reflections and surrounding audio can be handled much better. 

One somewhat worrying thing that we noticed is the actual size of the sound drivers inside the WINGS TECHNO is not that exceptional.

In fact, at 5.8 mm, it is decidedly on the lower end of the spectrum for sound driver sizes in wireless earbuds.

Of course, there are other factors at play as well, such as the fact that a better tuned yet smaller driver can at times outperform bigger sized drivers in terms of clarity, fidelity, and even actual volume.

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So, this will be a wait and watch deal, then. As always, we recommend that you wait for our official review before you invest yourself fully. 


If audio quality is the most important metric for earphones, then connectivity is equally important for wireless earphones. The WINGS TECHNO, thankfully, seem to include all the most required and used features for Bluetooth buds, as well as a couple that are just plain awesome. 

In the basics, the WINGS TECHNO run on Bluetooth 5.9 technology, which means lower battery consumption, higher bandwidth (leading to better sound) and faster connection between your devices. It should also decidedly help with the low latency, another highly marketed feature of the WINGS TECHNO TWS. 

Aside from this, they also include a premium feature not usually seen in the sub-10000 rupee market. The WINGS TECHNO have the capability for open to pair built-in, just like much higher-end alternatives.

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This means that all you need to do to start using your Bluetooth earbuds, in this case, is merely to open up the charging case.

By the time you put the buds into your ears, they will already be connected to your phone, without you having to do any extra steps.

We certainly think this is a pretty cool feature and one that we wish other brands would add to their lineup in this price range as well. 

One mark of contention in the connectivity department is that the Specifications page doesn’t mention if the WINGS TECHNO have  Qualcomm apt-X technology or not.

While this isn’t an essential feature for most casual music listeners, this is certainly an issue for gamers. Especially since WINGS mentions low latency gaming a lot in their marketing for the TECHNO TWS. 

Design and Build Quality 

The WINGS TECHNO seem to borrow heavily from the Apple Airpods school of design for their inspiration. While not as sleek as the king of TWS earbuds, the TECHNO do have a nice, polished look, along with the stem-like protrusions that house the dual mics.

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A more detailed look at the build quality itself will follow after the launch, but it is good to know that the TECHNO will come with two spare sets of ear tips. 

The killer feature here, though, is the sweat and water resistance. This is an awesome feature for those of you looking for the next ultimate workout companion.

While the Specifications do not mention the specific IP or IPX rating that the TECHNO has achieved, it is probably between an IP2 (like the Samsung Galaxy Buds) and an IP4 rating. We just hope the case itself has some of the same protections as well. 

The final thing to mention here is the touch controls. This is one of those features that most TWS players seem to mess up, if not skip altogether in favour of an actual physical button.

Since pressing a physical button, as well as the whole earbud, right into your ear every time is not good for your hearing, we’re glad to see this feature. Now let’s just hope the implementation is as refreshing as the idea itself. 

Battery Life 

The battery is the least glamorous and yet most undervalued part of the Bluetooth earbud experience. No matter how good a set of earbuds may sound – if they are just going to run out of juice while you’re on a run or something, they’re pretty useless. Thankfully, the WINGS TECHNO seem to have this handled pretty well.

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According to the figures, this set of TWS earbuds will easily let you listen to music nonstop for around 6 hours just with the earbuds themselves. While that may not sound too impressive, the charging case remedies that thoroughly.

You get 3 extra charges with the case, so 18 more hours, for a total of the marketed (up to) 24 hours backup. Now that certainly gives you a pause, doesn’t it? 


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We’ve saved the best for last, of course. Not only does the company itself operate wholly out of India, including, we hope, the manufacturing too, but they also offer something that no other product stack, at least in this price range, has even thought to offer. The WINGS TECHNO comes free with a full 1-year door-to-door warranty.

The duration itself might not be as impressive, but the door to door part certainly is great. In these uncertain times, going out can easily become both a hassle and a hazard. Especially with service centres, which are liable to get crowded in a matter of minutes some days.

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With all of that in the background, it is great to see a company bring forth an innovative practice that will help customers be at ease. We certainly hope more companies adopt this policy, or something similar enough, to ensure the continued well being of their customers. 

Conclusion: Wings Techno Review of Features

We usually end with a full breakdown of the pros and cons of any product, but since the WINGS TECHNO TWS is yet to officially release, we’ll have to forego that for now.

Instead, let’s conclude by saying that the WINGS TECHNO represents a rising trend in homegrown tech companies in the Indian subcontinent.

While we can’t tell you how exactly the WINGS TECHNO will hold up to its hype, we can assume that the Bluetooth earbud market, in general, is in for interesting days ahead.

Oh, and please make sure to come back after the launch on 18th September for a more detailed view of the WINGS TECHNO TWS earbuds.