Earphones have become the most important part for most people. You carry them everywhere and to keep boredom away you need them. Especially in a crowded place where you cannot use your phone speaker, you use earphones. Wecool has launched new neckband style wireless Bluetooth earphones N1 in India 2021.

So there are a wide variety of earphones recently launched and We Cool, being a huge producer of the audio-related gadget, has recently launched We Cool W013 in-Ear Wired Earphones for just Rs 299. It is a pocket-friendly earphone that has all the features one looks for in an earphone.

Wecool Mini stylish tws and M1v2 upgraded version M2 true wireless earbud has launched in India. The specifications and the unique qualities of this product are listed below in more clarity.

Top Specs and Highlights

  • Compact design
  • Rich sound
  • In-line mic
  • Metal body
  • Stereo sound effect
  • Tangle free

Audio Quality:-

 The new WeCool W013 earphones come with an 8mm dynamic driver and deliver a good stereo sound effect. Also, earphone wires are made in such a manner so that they offer a better music experience. It offers a hi-fi sound quality and offers HD voice while calling.

Design and Fit:-

The 3.5 mm and 3 feet long Earphones are pretty light, so you can let them stay in-ears for much longer, and they are easy to carry as well. They don’t tangle easily, and you can always use them while running or cycling. The small shape of the earphone is designed for all ears to get fit into any ear.

Multi-Function Button:-

To get the call, press the button a single time, and Pressing the button again, a single time will reject the call. To cut the call, press the button two times. To keep a call on hold, long-press the button. Pressing the button once will play music and pressing the button again will pause it. To switch the music to and pro, press the button twice and three times respectively.

Mic and Calling:-

  • The WeCool W013 earphones come with a decent mic that delivers your voice crisp and clear to the other person.
  • It has a 3.5 mm connector and is usable with every device out there.
  • These earphones give you an experience of HD voice calling and you can control your calling with the multi-function button.

Other Unique Features:-

  • These earphones are also known to be gaming earphones and hence provide a better gaming experience.
  • 6 months of the brand warranty have been given to you.
  • The metallic body gives a quality feel to this product.

It fits everyone’s Pocket.

  • Well, Wecool W013 earphones at Rs299 are a great deal. And these earphones have everything you look for in wired earphones.
  • They have got nice sound quality, the mic is pretty good and they have a metallic body too.
  • They are tangle-free also.
  • You get 4 extra buds with them in case you lose one.
  • And they are so comfortable giving you a painless experience.
  • Overall things seem very positive and appealing.