WeCool N1 Wireless Earphones: Specs, Features Review, And Price

WeCool is one of the largest brands that manufacture audio gadgets. They have a range of products from earbuds to neckbands. They have added a new product recently in their neckband series. The new product is WeCool N1 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones, and it was launched earlier this month. Boat rockerz 255 pro plus Bluetooth neckband with 40 hours battery life and aptX audio technology has launched in India 2021.

The product has many features and some unique features. The price range is an affordable one, and it is the best deal at this price. The specs and features are defined here with more clarity. 

Top Specs and highlights

  • Bluetooth version 5.0.
  • IPX5 waterproof ratings.
  • It has a total of 12-hours of playtime.
  • Ergonomic design and has a low weight.
  • Magnetic ear tips.
  • Flexible neckband with integrated controls.
  • It has a three-button system.
  • Multifunctional button.
  • It has a powerful 10mm Titanium driver.
  • High bass and HiFi sound.

Detailed Analysis On The Highlights Of The WeCool N1 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth Version 5 

These N1 wireless Bluetooth earphones sport a more recent Bluetooth version 5. It pairs your device instantly when you turn in the earphone. 

You will get better audio connectivity of about 33 feet or 10m. Enjoy wireless connectivity with these new N1 Wireless Bluetooth earphones.

Powerful 10mm Titanium Drivers

For in-ear earphones, a minimum of 8mm drivers is sufficient for giving a better audio output. 

This WeCool N1 wireless Bluetooth earphones sport powerful 10mm Titanium drivers. It can give a better audio output to feel the music.

High Bass And HiFi Sound

Along with the decent audio output, it enriches the listening by giving a bass output. The HiFi sound technology also enhances the audio and thus, you will immerse in the audio generated by this earphone.

A Total Of 12-hours Playback

It sports an efficient 135mAh battery that provides a nice battery performance with a maximum playback time of 12-hours. The talk time is extended up to 10-hours, and this battery performance is achieved in a time of 2-hours.

Flexible Neckband With Integrated Controls

The neckband is built with nice material and has a final silicon coating to prevent the neckband from scratches. It is adaptable to the bends and can be folded into a compact size to toss into your pocket. 

The controls are made simple and smooth on the neckband.

A 3-button System With Multifunctional Button

Most of the recent earphones have this type of control. These controls are easy to operate and allows you to do several controls in the 3-button system.

This Bluetooth neckbands supports Multifunctional button. These WeCool N1 wireless Bluetooth earphones have three buttons including the volume increase and decrease controls, a multifunctional button.

Functions Of The Multifunctional Buttons

To power on the earphones, hold the Multifunction button for three seconds. You can power off by holding the same for 4 seconds. 

A single click will accept the incoming call and play/pause the music. A double click will deny an incoming call and redial the previously dialed number.

Long pressing the volume controls will automatically play the previous or upcoming song. 

Ergonomic Design With Low Weight

These WeCool N1 Wireless Bluetooth earphones are designed ergonomically to secure the perfect fit even on running. Each ear tip has a silicon earmuff that provides a relaxed fit on your ears. 

To secure the ear tips, it has a hook-like structure that helps it to fit perfectly on your ears. 

Other Worth Of Mentioning Features Of The WeCool N1 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

The WeCool N1 wireless Bluetooth earphones have several better features and are worth giving a try. It comes with a decent IPX5 waterproof rating for protecting the earphones from splash and sweat damages.

The earbuds are prevented from falling with the magnetic ear tips. It also provides automatic play/pause controls on your song with magnetic attachments. It moreover retains an in-built mic that delivers better audio on calls. 

As it has an in-ear model, it provides passive noise isolation that helps in lowering the surrounding noise to some extent. It has a low weight of about 30g, and it is accessible in multiple shades of Yellow and Black.