Hey Guys! Santa is coming with lots of surprises for us. The 2020 Christmas is witnessing the launch of a cool audio gadget with a lucrative offer for music lovers.

The overwhelming purely wireless Stereo Bluetooth earphones rolled out by WeCool Brand is termed as Moonwalk Mini earphones.

The best in quality earbuds by WeCool will match your inner desires with the rhythmic beats and deep bass audio that will compel you to groove on the melody.

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The reasonably priced WeCool Moonwalk Mini Bluetooth Earphones are available at 899 INR on Amazon.

Hurray! As of now we can catch the top-quality audio wearable device with having market price of 1999 INR.

You will get ideal comfort with the fantastic quality sound from the trendy wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

The elegant design of the earphones by skilled engineers deliver you with prominent frequency sound wave.

Specifications and Highlights:

  • Crisp and Clear Sound
  • Lightweight with Secure Sports Fit
  • IPX5 Water and Dust Proof
  • Multi-Function Button Control
  • Auto Pairing and Quick Connect
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 Chip
  • Magnetic Charge Case
  • Sleek Charging Case
  • Long Battery life with Digital Indicator
  • Total Weight of WeCool Moonwalk Mini is 34 Grams

WeCool Moonwalk Mini Features Review and Full Specs Detail

Look on to the detailed review of WeCool Moonwalk Mini Earphones below.

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Crisp and Clear Sound

You will enjoy each note, rhythm and beat of Mozart clearly with the advanced WeCool Earphones.

The hard-working engineers transformed the earbuds into near-perfect audio devices.

You will relish an elite kind of entertainment as you dive deep into the bass of music.

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Lightweight with Secure Sports Fit

The Brand’s main concern was to offer its customer an earbud with a tight fit and optimum comfort.

The Moonwalk Mini earphones look impeccably stylish at your earlobes.

Sportspersons and fitness freaks will receive a securely fit and maximum comfort with these latest earbuds.

IPX5 Splash Proof

Hey buddy! Take the Moonwalk Mini earphones with you at your upcoming exploration trip as the earbuds endorse IPX5 splash-proof rating.

The earphones are harmless with you under drizzle at the serene beaches.

Multi-Function Button Control

You can reject calls by pressing the intuitive multi-function key present on the sophisticated earbuds for long.

Answering calls is now super smooth as you need to push the multi-function button on the earphones once.

Your single tap on the multi-function button of the earbuds will regulate which track to play and pause. Tapping the earbuds twice will play the next or previous music track.

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Voice assistant like Siri will come to your service with a beep sound as soon as you push the earbuds for a longer time.

Auto Pairing and Quick Connect 

The instant pair up followed by quick connection is super convenient for everyone.

Share the hi-fi stereo sound with your companion at the gym as the design of the earbuds endorse anti-fall out.

You can even use a single earbud or mono mode while you drive your car.

Latest Bluetooth 5.0 Chip

The high-tech Bluetooth 5.0 chip comes with the Moonwalk Mini earphones.

The firm and steady wireless connection are attainable due to the advanced version of Bluetooth 5.0.

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The latest version provides you with an uninterrupted 10m wireless zone.

Magnetic Charge Case

The purely wireless stereo earphones safely kept inside a sleek charging case of the magnetic type.

The ultra-light earphones with each one weighing 4gms positioned at the magnetic casing.

Long Battery life with Digital Indicator

The utmost valuable role of the earphones is the total playtime that it offers.

The audiophiles will be happy to know that it can serve you for 12 hours nonstop, while each earbud plays for about 4 hours maximum.

The Moonwalk Mini Bluetooth Earphones lets you rejoice this year Christmas festival with same cheerful fervour like last year.

You will find a digital battery level indicator on the charging case that will help you to charge the casing as well as earbuds way beforehand.

WeCool satisfies every demand and wish of its fanbase diligently.