WeCool Moonwalk M1 V2 Wireless Earbuds

WeCool has a wide range of products and their products always stand best with the quality. In December 2020, they launched a new model from their earbuds series, with the name of WeCool Moonwalk M1 v2 true wireless earbuds. It received good positive feedback from the people in India. This earbud is an upgraded version of wecool M1 TWS.

You will get to know more about this new WeCool Moonwalk M1 V2 Wireless Earbuds on this page. This rundown is the characteristics of this latest product.

Top Specifications And Highlights Of WeCool Moonwalk M1 V2 Wireless Earbuds

  • Quick Pairing Technology
  • Balanced Sound Output
  • Anti Fallout Design
  • IPX5 Splash Proof
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • 4-hours Playtime
  • Easy Integrated Controls 
  • Up to 12 hours playtime with charging case
  • Charging indicator display

Detailed Analysis Of Each Specification On The WeCool Moonwalk M1 V2 Wireless Earbuds

Quick Pairing Technology

With this WeCool Earbuds, you can get connected to your device instantly, as this earbud comes with a Quick Pairing Technology.

Balanced Sound Output

This earbud has 40 mm headphone driver units which deliver an extraordinary audio output and produce balanced sound output. So, you will experience a rich sound quality with these WeCool earbuds.

Anti Fallout Design

This earbud has an ultra-stylish and sleek design. In addition to this, it has an in-ear and ergonomic design, so that the earbuds won’t fall out frequently.

Wecool moonwalk Mini Bluetooth headset and moonwalk M2 truly wireless earbuds have launched recently.

Each earbud weighs only 4 grams and provides a comfortable fit on your ears. The ear tips are made up of skin-friendly material so that you can wear them for long term use without any irritation on your ears. 

IPX5 Splash Proof

WeCool M1 V2 earbuds come with IPX5 waterproof ratings. It makes it an ideal one for your daily workouts as it resists sweat and dust. 

Yet, it is not a suitable one for wearing on your swimming. 

Bluetooth Version 5.0

For connectivity, these WeCool Moonwalk M1 V2 Wireless Earbuds include Bluetooth. The Bluetooth version is 5. It is the latest version of Bluetooth, and this is available in most of the recent headphones. 

With this latest version, you can get strong connectivity within a distance of 10m. 

4-hours Playtime

WeCool Moonwalk M1 V2 Wireless Earbuds

This earbud has a decent playback time with a digital display. The display shows the percentage of charge remaining in the charging case. The earbuds have LED lights to suggest the charging status. 

Moonwalk M1 V2 packs a 350mAh battery, that delivers a 4-hour music playback and a 4-hour call time. However, it can be increased up to 14 hours with the use of a charging case. And, it looks only 1-2 hours to charge.

Easy Integrated Controls

In addition to the sleek stylish look, it has integrated touch controls on each earbud. Each earbud has different functions to control the music and incoming calls. 

Controls On Left Earbuds

When you touch the left earbuds it will play your song. When you touch the earbuds 2 times it will start to play the next tune.

Controls On Right Earbuds

Right earbuds have the major controls. When you touch the right earbud, it will accept the incoming calls. When you touch the right earbud 2 times it will play the previous tune. The single-touch function on the right earbud similarly plays or pauses your music. When you ling press the right earbud, and it will end the call. 

Other Worth Of Mentioning Features Of WeCool Moonwalk M1 V2 Wireless Earbuds

As this WeCool Moonwalk M1 V2 Wireless earbud sports an In-ear design, it will provide a passive noise canceling feature. These Bluetooth enabled earbuds can also support the online Voice Assistant like Ok Google and Hey Siri. 

WeCool earbuds provide an HD call, so there is no need to remove your earbuds to attend to the calls on your phone. It weighs only about 34 grams and comes in a single Black variant. This Earbud comes in a very affordable price range of 899 INR on Amazon.