Every gamer and every student has come across the famous brand HP at least once. They are remaining as the popular brand with magnificent laptops to provide better browsing and gaming experience to their users. HP added a unique going laptop into their gaming series as Victus by HP Ryzen 7 laptop. 

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Specs and features of Victus By HP Ryzen 7 Gaming Laptop

Brand name HP 
Series model 16-e0360AX
Features of display16.1-inch FHD low blue light, IPS grade display
Refresh rate 144 Hz 
RAM 16 GB 
Hard drive size 512 GB SSD 
Processor5th Gen AMD Ryzen 7 
Number of cores 8
Gaming processorNVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 
Dimensions37 x 26.2 x 2.4 cm 
Weight2 kg 480 g 
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Detailed information about the specs of Victus By HP Ryzen 7 Gaming Laptop

Design and display

The whole design of this laptop looks stunning and it is sufficient for denoting a gaming laptop. The thin bezels and the sleek structure ends with a V logo on top. The keyboard doesn’t feature the backlit support and has a better key traveling distance. 

The control pad is very decent and reactive to touch actions. When we speak about the display, it is largely about 16.1-inches to provide enchanting visuals. You can get stylish laptops with a larger display from the latest RTX 3070 laptops.  

Processor support

Get blown with the gaming experience, as it has the combined action of AMD Ryzen 7 and RTX 3060. It elevates the system performance even on your multitasking. Having any budget limits? Then check the best RTX laptop with RTX 3060 under 1 lakh.  

So, your gaming will be smooth enough to get the killer performance. Also, it has 16 GB RAM along with the 6 GB VRAM to provide sufficient space to function everything under control. You can also get the best 16 GB laptops under 1 lakh if storage is your main concern with budget limits.   

Audio, battery, and gaming 

To pump out the punchy audio on gaming, it features the B&O audio set-up. With the clear audio output, you can cleverly figure out the steps of your enemies. 

The battery is decent and provides longer usage. For gaming, it has the OMEN gaming hub that allows you to perform various customizations including vitals and network boosting. This setting allows you to be the boss of your gameplay.