TCL is advancing in the field of Headset with all the latest devices they have manufactured. One such Audio device they have manufactured is TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsets. These are in line with other headsets such as TCL elit200nc neckband with ANC feature, tcl socl200bt stylish Bluetooth neckband, and tcl elit400nc premium ANC over the ear wireless headphones in India 2021.

These headsets are in-ear headsets and also have inbuilt mics. The earbuds come in three different sizes so they can fit perfectly. With Bluetooth version 5.0 these headsets are very trendy and stylish. So let’s dive deep and know more about them before they are launched!


Specifications TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsets
Bluetooth version5.0
Wireless range10m
ANC (Active noise cancellation)Yes 
Charging time2 hours
Battery life12 hours
ColorsMonza Black, Crimson White

Description Review of TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsets

TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsets have a 5.0 Bluetooth version. The connectivity range of TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsetsup is up to 10m. TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsets give a stable connection once paired with the audio device.


TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsets have an ergonomic design. These headsets are specially built for those who have an intense workout session. The earbuds of these headsets have an in-ear type. The ear tips come in 3 different sizes to fit your comfort. They are designed to have the fit over the ear hook, this design helps them to stay in place. You can use this headset while doing your rigorous working session. The headsets are designed to give an athletic look.

Sound, Mic and Controls:

TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsets have an 8.6mm audio driver. They provide powerful beats and thumping bass. The music quality is crisp and clear. This allows you to enjoy your playlist thoroughly. TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsets have passive noise isolation. So you won’t hear the ambient sound while listening to your music. 

TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsetscome with an inbuilt mic making it easy to make and attend calls via the headphones. Especially right now when we are connected to each other via calls. Now you can do your work and attend calls simultaneously.

With the integrated controls, you can easily pause play or music and accept or reject calls. These controls help you activate your favorite google assistant as well!


TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsets have an IPX4 rating. This means they are water and sweat-proof.  They are also provided with a nano-coating to protect your headphones. So you won’t have to worry about your headphones during intense workout sessions.


Just like your rigorous training sessions, TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsets undergo 150 hours of rigorous testing sessions to prove their worth. These tests include bending, folding, pulling, stretching. This is done to provide the best performance to the users.


TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth Headsets will be available at the starting price of 1,599. The original amount will be INR 2,899. With Bluetooth version 5.0 and a battery life of up to 12 hours, these headphones have some cool features. To charge them 100% takes only 2 hours. 

Considering the features provided by TCL ACTV100 Bluetooth headphones, they are more suitable for people who love to workout. If you are one of them, these headsets suit you and are worthy of their price. These headsets come in two colors Monza Black and Crimson White. 

The launch date of the headphones is not known yet. They will be on sale online on websites like Flipkart and Amazon. If these are the perfect match for all your needs, then rush and click on notify me button on these sites right now, and buy them as soon as they are launched.