In today’s chaotic world, music is known to be a very strong peacemaker. A lot of us have the habit of working or studying to the beats of music. But most music applications now have paid download features which makes it difficult to hear music when we do not have internet around. Boat has launched boat rockerz 375 Bluetooth neckband with gaming mode in India.

To solve this problem and help all music lovers out there to have their perfect music getaway, Tarbull Musicmate 550 brings to you the world’s Bluetooth neckband with preloaded music, powered by Sony Music- the stalwarts of music in your pocket wherever you go, whenever you go.


The Tarbull Musicmate 500’s Bluetooth neckband is currently priced at Rs. 1,799.

Top Specifications and Features:

ModelMusicMate 550
Battery performanceUp to 35 hours playtime (at 60% volume)
EarbudsL ear tips, M,S; Magnetic Earbuds
Playlists6 unique playlists with upto 1001 songs
SpeakerInbuilt Bass Boosters
ChargingUp to 600 minutes of playtime in 10 minutes of charging
Recommended Uses of ProductWork, Exercise, Fitness, Sports, Music, Video Streaming, Calling, Gaming, Running, Marathons, Gyming
Waterproofing RatingIPX5
Warranty1 year limited warranty
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Detailed Information About The Features:

Intricate Songs Playlist: This Bluetooth neckband has 6 already designed playlists with 1001 superhit songs to satisfy each of your desires and moods be it Romantic Hits, Soulful Melodies Down Memory Lane, Party Hits, Ghazals, or Devotional Music.

Spectacular Battery Performance: The Bluetooth neckband can provide up to 35 hours of playtime at 60% volume. It also has fast charging and can provide up to 600 minutes of playback in 10 minutes. This is enough to let you fulfil your weekend binge mood and even more.

Amplified Sound Quality: This Bluetooth neckband has inbuilt bass boosters which provide you 3D audio that can enhance your listening and help you get lost in your world.

Amazing Bluetooth Quality: It has a 5.0 Bluetooth which provides you a longer range, faster speed, and stronger connection. It comes with voice assistants like Ok Google and Hey Siri which will help make your work simpler- one say and it will be done.

High Water Resistance Performance: It has a high water resistance of IPX5 so that you can sing in the shower, sweat gallons on your jog, or dance in the drizzle without a single speck of worry.

Other Noticeable Features:

The Tarbull Musicmate 550 Bluetooth neckband doesn’t disturb you with annoying ads so you can enjoy your travels, your work, and your workouts without any disturbances. They also neither require you to add any music subscriptions nor do they interrupt your sessions with any form of notifications. They also have a special vibration system to alert you every time you get a phone call.

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Along with this, they also provide you complete freedom from the troubles of creating your playlists and from the weight of carrying your phone every time you wish to listen to music. If this is still not enough, they also appear in unique designs which makes you just want to put them without the want to listen to music. So, come and join the club with us.