TAGG Liberty Dots TWS

TAGG Liberty Dots TWS Earbuds Best Price, Features, and Specifications


The famous brand TAGG recently launched sophisticated purely wireless earbuds focusing on the demands of music lovers.

The latest model of the earbuds by TAGG is popularly known as Liberty Dots with the essential noise isolation attribute.

The classic black colour Liberty Dots named model earbuds are classy and glossy.


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The stylish earbud is available at an economical price range only on the great e-commerce giant Amazon.

The unbiased review detail of the earbuds will clear your mind and assist you in buying the latest wearable audio gadget.


Tagg Liberty Dots Price in India

The newly released Liberty Dots wireless earbuds are accessible at a rebate of 63% only on Amazon.

The year-end sale observers a significant drop in electronic gadget prices.

Like on this earbud you will find a price drop from 3999 INR to 1499 INR making it cost-effective.


TAGG Liberty Dots Specifications and Highlights:


  • 25 hours of Playtime
  • Enhanced Calling Experience with Built-in Mic
  • IPX4 Water and Splash Proof
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Graphene Drivers
  • Passive Noise Cancellation



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TAGG Liberty Dots Features Detail and Quick Review of Specs


25 hours of Playback time

The Liberty Dots will take you to an imaginary realm as you experience the soothing melody of Mozart with the earbuds.

The playback time of the earbuds is about 5 hours while the charging case can charge the earbuds 4times.

Hence, the playback time that the earbuds offer is a total of 25 hours.

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The single lithium-ion-powered battery comes with a capacity of 350mAh producing an unstoppable music experience.

The melodious song can go on and on for the whole day without any disruption.


Enhanced Calling Experience with Built-in Mic

You can make your calls super comfortable only with the Liberty Dots earbuds as it comes with a built-in microphone.

Now, Liberty Dots lets you connect to your loved ones for a longer time with exceptional voice clarity with the high-tech in-built mic.


IPX4 Water and Splash Proof 

The splash and waterproof expertise transform the earbuds to be wearable under drizzles and rain showers.

The earbuds are safe as it gets an IPX4 guarantee that converts it to be feasible for athletes and fitness freaks.


TAGG Liberty Dots True Wireless Earbuds


Ergonomic Design

The earbuds offer a snug-fit and grips to your ear lobes comfortably.

You will not feel wearisome when you tuck in the earbuds for long durations.


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Hustlers will find the earbuds light as they groove on to the beats of Nirvana.


Bluetooth 5.0

The stable wireless link between the earbuds and your mobile phone is likely to be firm as the earbuds endorse Bluetooth 5.0.

The credit of a truly wireless connection goes to none other than the technically modernized version of Bluetooth.


Graphene Drivers

The balanced graphene drivers generate deep bass sound without any distortion.

The clean and precise quality of the sound makes you feel as if you are in the theatre.

The unmatched bass effects transform the sound into a lively and energetic form for music and dance lovers.


Passive Noise Cancellation

The Liberty Dots earbuds are the perfect way to escape from the street noises and drown yourself in the calm music of Mozart.

The earbuds offer the original voice and music quality as it blocks all the noises surrounding you.


Enrichment of bass output dips you into the world of melody for a long time.

The Liberty Dots Truly Wireless Earbuds allow you to admire the serene bliss with the graphene drivers that it supports and delivers deep bass music all day.

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