Music is an ever-existing presence in everyone’s lives. And who doesn’t love to plug in their earphones and forget all their problems? For them, Redmi has come up with the perfect wired earphones.

Redmi is often known as one of the leading smartphone providers. But, with the new set of earphones, they are proving to be good at not just smartphones, but also at other gadgets.

Redmi Earphone Review

Here, we will be reviewing the new Redmi earphones. With advanced features and an eye-catching design, Redmi is the perfect product for those who love listening to songs for the longest time possible on loop.

Redmi Wired Earphones Specifications(specs):

  • Brand: Redmi
  • Product type: Wired earphones
  • Product model: YDJC02WM
  • Net weight: 13g
  • Jack type: 3.5mm L Shaped
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Length of earphone cable: 1.25 m
  • With microphone: Yes
  • Frequency: till 40,000 Hz

Redmi Wired Earphones Review in Detail

  • Redmi earphones: Design

The new Redmi earphones, in terms of design, is crafted to perfection. The earplugs are designed accurately to fit into the ear canal.

This way, the user will not feel any kind of discomfort by wearing it for a considerable period of time. The design of the earphones includes the main body of aluminium alloy.

They are convenient to wear for a long duration since it is described as “feather-light”. Overall, Redmi’s earphones have a luxurious yet functional feel to its design.

  • Redmi earphones review: Sound quality

Redmi earphones consist of an Aluminium alloy sound chamber with a 10mm Dynamic Driver that helps to give a realistic and crystal-clear sound experience to its wearers.

This product is certified for “Hi-Res Audio” by the Japan Audio Society, assuring a natural and out-of-the-world experience of listening to songs with ultra-CD quality.

It has low impedance and high sensitivity. It is designed in such a way that it does not take away any vocal features from your songs, that is, it promises to provide a dynamic bass and refined treble to your playlists, with a range of frequency up to 40,000 Hz.

Redmi Earphone Price
  • Redmi earphones: Control, Microphone and cable

Apart from main characteristics such as design and sound quality, other features like control, microphone, and cable are also important when it comes to earphones.

Redmi earphones has a mini-remote control that makes it easy to play or pause a song and answer or cut calls. You can also call for the voice assistant by a long-press on this control.

This product also has an in-built HD microphone and a Y-shaped cable, both making this product even more functional and easy-to-use. This product is extremely convenient to use and efficient in performing its functions.

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  • Redmi earphones Additional perks

Earphones is a product that has gained enormous popularity among consumers for various reasons. It is a product one can spot anywhere with anyone.

People use earphones for various purposes and longer periods of time. One major concern that users of earphones might have is that of discomfort. And Redmi earphones has the perfect solution to that problem.

This product is designed to fit correctly into the ear canal. And this way, users will never feel discomfort after wearing it for a long time.

Redmi Earphone Features

Its silicone earplugs have a mesh anti-earwax that takes into consideration the problem of sweat, moisture, and earwax and prevents them from blocking any sound.

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This particular problem is definitely a concern for those who use it for longer periods of time. It is also compatible with iOS or Android mobile phones, laptops, and other music devices.

  • Redmi earphones Pricing

This product is available at different websites: –

  • Redmi store: ₹399/-
  • Amazon: ₹399/-

You can also browse other websites and keep yourself updated to check for varying prices and sales for this product.

Conclusion: Redmi Wired Earphones Review

To sum it all up, Redmi earphones are definitely cost-friendly, considering the range of features it offers at a cost of ₹399.

It is light-weight, functional, and efficient. It promises crystal-clear sound quality. It has a microphone with stable voice quality and a Y-shaped cable that makes it convenient to use.

It is perfect for those who love music as it has an anti-earwax mesh that prevents earwax and moisture from blocking the sound. Thus, this product can prove to be a good product!

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