Redmi Earbuds S Vs Realme Buds Q Comparison


Realme Buds Q Vs Redmi Earbuds S Comparison

Realme Buds Q Vs Redmi Earbuds S Comparison: Which are The Best Earbuds Under 2000 Rupees(Rs.) in India 2020

Truly Wireless (TWS) Bluetooth earphones have taken the world by storm. A TWS earphone is Bluetooth enabled with absolutely no wires or neck-bands attached.

These offer better looks and comfort when compared to its predecessors -The Neckband earphones. 

In this article we will have a full features comparison of Realme Buds Q vs Redmi Earbuds S.

It is obvious that both Realme and Redmi are competing to offer the best budget smartphones over the past few years.

But this time they have taken it up a notch by offering the best TWS earphones under Rs 2000.

Realme Buds Q vs Redmi Earbuds S Specifications  Comparison: Top Features

Specifications & Features

Realme Buds Q

Redmi Earbuds S

Bluetooth Version(connectivity)

Latest Version 5.0

Version 5.0

Music Playback time

4.5 hours

20 hours with the case

4 hours

12 hours with the case

Earbuds Battery Capacity

40mAh in the buds

400mAh in the case

43mAh in the buds

300mAh in the case

Earbuds Driver

10 mm audio driver

7.2 mm audio driver

Charging Port



IPX Rating



Colour Available

Quite Black, Quite Yellow, Quite White





Buttons Control


Multi-function button(Not Touch Button)

Charging Time

2 hours

1.5 hours



Realtek RTL8763BFR Bluetooth chip

Wireless range

About 10m

About 10m

Additional Features

Dedicated app for customizing gesture features


Frequency Range

20Hz(Hertz) – 20 KHz

20Hz – 20 KHz

Earbuds Warranty

6 months

6 months

Included Components in Box

Realme Buds Q Pair, Charging Case, Charging Cable, User guide and warranty card, Eartips(S,M,L)

Redmi Earbuds S Pair, User Manual, Charging case, Eartips( 3 pairs S/M/L)


3.6g/ earbud

4.1g/ earbud

Compatible devices

Windows, iOS, Android, and all bluetooth devices

All bluetooth devices

Earphones dimension

19.8 mm x 17.55 mm x 22.5 mm

26.7 mm x 16.4 mm x 21.6 mm

Price in India

Realme Buds Q Price in India

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Redmi Earbuds S Price in India

[amazon fields="B0892QBCW5" button_text="Check Latest Price" value="button"]

Realme Buds Q Vs Redmi Earbuds S Comparison

Realme Q Vs Redmi S
Now We will compare these true wireless earbuds side-by-side, like sound quality, battery life, Calling quality(Mic), protections against water & sweat, and more.

Realme Buds Q vs Redmi Earbuds S: Sound and Mic Performance

The earphones handle trebles with ease and the bass is perfectly balanced. It has a 10mm driver which offers PEEK&PU special polymer site diaphragm. 

They also support AAC HD audio codec and Dynamic Bass Boost(DBB) solution which provides a powerful and deeper bass.

Super low-latency with 119ms for top-notch gaming and watching movies without any audio lag.

The Mic quality is decent and has mild distortion, but this is expected in a budget TWS Bluetooth earphone in this price segment.

Redmi Earbuds S: Audio and Calling(Mic) performance
It has a 7.2 mm dynamic driver, which offers decent sound quality. The bass becomes overpowering during the highs and sometimes during the mids as well.

The overall sound is very nice considering its price. 

They come with an SBC audio codec that is available in most earbuds in this segment.

SBC provides standard quality sound when compared to AAC which is available on the Realme Buds Q.

Redmi claims to provide “Punchier sound” in the buds S which seems to be true as the quality is somewhat defined.

The Buds S offers reduced latency for pro gaming. The low-latency mode offers 122ms. This provides seamless gaming with minimal lag in the audio.

The mic quality in the Buds S is not dis-heartning but rather moderate. It has a decent volume level but does have mild distortion.

Unlike the Buds Air, this only comes with a single mic. 

Battery Performance Comparison Between Realme Buds Q and Redmi Buds S

Realme Buds Q Battery Performance OR Battery Backup
On a single charge, the buds Q last for 4.5 hours while playing music, 5 

hours on single continuous gaming, 6 hours on continuous video watching, and 3 hours on continuous calling.

The case offers an extra 20 hours of charge due to its 400mAh battery.

Redmi Buds S Battery Performance OR Battery Backup
The Buds S has 4 hours playback time on a single charge similar to the Buds Q. The case comes with a 300mAh battery which offers extra 12 hours of playback time on the Buds S.

The volume plays an important role in battery life. If the volume is kept at full volume, you can expect a battery life of 3 hours to 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Noise cancellation Performance Between Realme Buds Q and Redmi Buds S

Noise Cancellation Performance in Realme Buds Q
It provides good noise cancellation but not the best. There are a few hindrances when using the buds Q for calling.

But this is certain to happen to a budget TWS Bluetooth earphone, unlike its predecessor ‘Buds Air.’

Noise Cancellation Performance in Redmi Earbuds S
The Buds S comes with DSP Environmental Noise Cancellation. This provides an enhanced calling experience.

Due to this technology, external noise is omitted and ambient sound is suppressed.

Protection Against Water And Sweat: IPX4

Both of these true wireless earbuds provide the same level of protection against sweat and water-resistant.

The IPX4 rating protects your earbuds from water splashes from any direction and sweat.

Realme Buds Q in-Ear True Wireless Earbuds (Black) Review

Realme Buds Q Build, Fit & Comfort
The Realme buds Q offer amazing comfort and fit perfectly in your ears.

The body is made using plastic and is extremely light.

They weigh about 3.6g each, which is lighter than an A4 sheet.

The case has a very premium finish and resembles the design of a cobblestone. It weighs about 36 grams.

Realme Buds Q Touch Button Controls
It comes with touch-sensitive panels on either side with a dedicated app called ‘Realme Link App.’

The app provides customization on the touch feature of the earbuds.

This ultimately enables you to set any function to a certain touch pattern.

Realme Q Price and Availability

It was available on Amazon at Rs 1999 rupees when we had published the article.

For the latest price and discounts and offers, you can check the link below.

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Redmi Earbuds S Review

Redmi Earbuds S, Punchier Sound,Up to 12 Hours of Playback time, IPX4 Sweat & Splash Proof& DSP Environmental Noise Cancellation
Redmi Earbuds S Build, Fit and Comfort
The body is completely made of plastic and has a very compact design. It fits perfectly in your ears and doesn’t come off during workouts.

Each earbud only weighs only 4.1 g. The case has a sleek design with sharp cut edges to its oval-shaped edges, unlike the Buds Q. The case weighs about 35 grams.

Redmi Earbuds S Buttons control
The Redmi Buds S offer button controls. It has basic functions like any other TWS Bluetooth earphone, but the only drawback is that it is button controlled.

Button control comes with a major issue when pressing the button, the earbuds press on our ear creating a slight disturbance. You can not change the tracks(Next/Previous) in Redmi earbuds S.

Redmi Earbuds S Price and Availability
It was available on Amazon India at Rs 1799 rupees when we had published the article.

For the latest price and discounts and offers, you can check the link below.

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Which one is the best among Realme Buds Q and Redmi Buds S under ₹2,000?
The Realme Buds Q has a better audio codec, it offers AAC and extra bass with 10mm drivers which provides better sound quality.

The battery life offered in the Realme Buds Q provides 4.5 hours of playback time and an additional 20 hours with the case.

Realme Buds Q has touch panels with a dedicated app for customizing touch patterns. Realme buds Q offers better controls compared to Redmi earbuds.

The Redmi Buds S has 4 hours of playback with 12 hours of extra battery with the case.

It has only 7.2mm drivers and has no touch panels. The final verdict goes to the Realme Buds Q for being better at everything. Redmi S offers a slightly better-calling experience than Realme buds Q

Which has better sound quality, Redmi Earbuds S or Realme Buds Q?
This answer depends on your phone. If you are an Apple user then the Realme Buds Q offers better audio quality due to its AAC audio codec.

Whereas, the Redmi Earbuds S has SBC audio codec which offers good sound quality on both android and apple.

AAC provides better quality audio when the device is not focused on providing power-efficiency functions.

But yet again the Realme Buds Q would be a better option due to its 10mm dynamic drivers and its fantastic bass.

Which has a better battery backup, Redmi Earbuds S or Realme Buds Q?
Realme Buds Q has a 4.5 hour battery backup on a single charge when listening to music.

But it also provides up to 6 hours of battery backup when used for watching a single video.

When added to the case it has a combined battery backup of 20 hours.

The Redmi also has a similar battery backup of 4 hours and a combined battery backup of 12 hours with the case.

Unfortunately, there is no fast-charging feature on either earbuds. The Realme Buds Q takes the win on this one due to its 20 hour capacity.

Realme Buds Q vs Redmi Earbuds S: FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

What is the AAC HD audio codec?

The AAC(Advanced Audio Coding) takes over after the MP3. Its function is to offer better HD audio quality of the same bit rate.

Apple users are more likely to benefit from this due to Android not being efficient enough to handle it.

What is DSP Environment Noise Cancellation?

DSP(Digital Signal Processing) analyses incoming noise waveforms and creates anti-waveforms, this nullifies the incoming noise. Hence, providing noise cancellation.