The e-commerce giant Amazon is offering Redmi Earbuds 2C with standard black colour at 1299 INR.

Redmi worked hard upon the chief concern of its customer and the result is top-notch quality Redmi Earbuds 2C in-Ear Truly Wireless Earphones.

Lets checkout redmi earbuds 2c review with full detail, features, specifications.

Redmi Earbuds 2C Review

The launch of Redmi Earbuds 2C in-Ear Truly Wireless Earphones embarked on the new journey of DSP Environmental Noise Cancellation mode.

Xiaomi’s first preference was to eliminate surrounding clatter as much as possible with the use of the latest technology.

Box Content of Redmi Earbuds 2C

  • 1 pair of redmi erbuds 2c
  • 2 extra ear tips(small and medium-size)
  • User manual guide

Redmi Earbuds 2C Highlights and Top Specifications:

  • 12 Hour Music Playback
  • IPX4 Water-Resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Sleek and Stylish Design
  • Voice Assistant
  • Multifunctional Button
  • DSP Environmental Noise Cancellation
  • Single or Dual Earbuds
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Quick and Easy to Pair

Redmi Earbuds 2C Full Review, Specs, Features

Redmi earbuds 2c performance

Redmi Earbuds 2C Battery Backup

The battery used by the Xiaomi company for the Redmi Earbuds 2C is 300mAh. If you consider the earbuds separately then each earbud consists of 43mAh Battery.

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The company states that the Redmi Earbuds 2C supplies a battery backup of 12 hours playback time with the charging case. On charging the earbuds fully, each earbud provides 4 hours of playback time.

On using the Redmi Earbuds 2C continuously after charging it fully, with high volume the earbuds gave a playback time of 3hours 18minutes approximately.

If one uses the earbuds at 50-60% volume level then it supplies you with 4Hours playback time, which is fair enough

Redmi Earbuds 2C Music Performance

With Bluetooth 5 intact, the Redmi Earbuds 2C provides a straight-line range of 18-20m provided there is no barrier in-between. The connectivity starts to break if the range exceeds.

If there is any blockade between your smartphone and Redmi Earbuds 2C then connection disrupts. Bluetooth range reduces to 8-9m when there is the presence of walls or doors or windows.

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On listening to various audio tracks, the Redmi Earbuds 2C do not provide that deep bass and punch in the music. 

The user will receive a thumping bass and overwhelming bass of the song. The Redmi Earbuds 2C is fine for casual purpose.

The Redmi Earbuds 2C disturb the mid and high-frequency range of the music and one may not receive that clear audio experience. Audiophile people may not admire the product much.

Redmi earbuds 2c  price

Redmi Earbuds 2C Review: Gaming Latency

The Redmi Earbuds 2C operates finely while watching videos on YouTube or video player on the social media platform. The audio-video synchronization is okay for normal users.

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The gamers may not find it up to the mark in terms of audio-video delay. While using it for enact oriented games, the delay of audio was visible. It is an issue for the gamers.

On this budget, with Pro Wireless feature the Redmi Earbuds 2C is acceptable.

Some Other Best Features of Redmi Earbuds 2C True Wireless Bluetooth Headset

IPX4 Water-Resistant

No need to panic about harming the earbuds as it comes with a water resistance power of IPX4. Challenge your stamina and perform on newest workout songs with the latest Redmi Earbuds 2C.

Bluetooth 5.0

The Redmi Earbuds 2C employs the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0. The purely wireless earbuds allow you to stroll around freely during long talks with family, friends and colleagues.

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Sleek Design and Ultra-lightweight

The pretty ergonomic design ofRedmi Earbuds 2C gives you a chic look. The earbuds will not take enough space in your purse with the charging case. Make your style statement with the featherweight at about 4.1gm Redmi Wireless Earbuds 2C.

Voice Assistant

Order your all-time buddy Siri or Alexa or your google assistant to answer the call or vary the volume of music with a single press ontheRedmi Wireless Earbuds 2C.

Multi-functional Button Control: Redmi Earbuds 2C Review

TheRedmi Wireless Earbuds 2C employs a button that performs several roles. The user will get aid to mute or unmute the call. One can reject calls quickly with a single button press.

Single press: play or pause the music

Double press: Activate the voice assistant

It will permit the user to switch between two different calls. The button will also shift from the Redmi Wireless Earbuds 2C to the device swiftly.

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DSP Environmental Noise Cancellation

Redmi earbuds 2c performance

The main concern of the consumers was to eliminate external calls as they use wireless earbuds for vital discussions. Xiaomi installed this feature in the latest Redmi Wireless Earbuds 2C.

The user will now receive the best quality call as the Redmi Wireless Earbuds 2C cancels all the annoying noise dominant at your surroundings.

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Single or Dual Earbuds: Redmi Earbuds 2C Review

Xiaomi supplies its customer a comfortable stay with the Redmi Wireless Earbuds 2C. It is the finest fit for your ears as you can roam around your garden with it intact.

Xiaomi proposes its customer to shift from mono to stereo sound system promptly. Use one of the Redmi Wireless Earbuds 2C as you fall off for sleep at night.

Quick and Easy to Pair

Redmi earbuds 2c charging case

The Redmi Wireless Earbuds 2C pair swiftly with each other. Without much hassle, one can pair the earbuds with their Android or iOS smartphone effortlessly. The pairing of the Redmi Wireless Earbuds 2C will not get on your nerves.

The general specifications of the product are 6.2 x 4 x 2.7 cm in dimensions and weigh around 35gm. If any issue arises with the earbuds, then consult the nearest Xiaomi’s official service center or call at 18001036286 customer care number.

Redmi Earbuds 2C Pros and Cons


  • Strong build quality
  • Sleek & stylish design
  • Voice assistant and IPX4 rating
  • Good audio performance


  • No touch controls
  • You can not control volume from earbud buttons
  • You can not change tracks from earbud buttons
  • Sound clarity is average
  • No charging cable in the box
  • Micro USB port for charging

During workout or dance sessions sweat it out with the stylish Redmi Wireless Earbuds 2C. One will be able to concentrate over their important seminars calmly Redmi Earbuds 2C in-Ear Truly Wireless Earphones.

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