The interesting features of Realme Smart Plug make it famous and admirable. It is like a normal plug, but it works according to your instructions. The small size of the Realme Smart Plug makes it portable and durable.

The Realme Smart Plug is easy to carry, arrange and use as per your demand. The user will now be able to create a smart home by connecting gadgets to the Realme Smart Plug that supports Wi-Fi network effortlessly.

Realme Smart Plug Price in India and Launching

The Chinese electronics Xiaomi released Realme Smart Plug. The Google voice aided Smart Plug launched on the e-commerce biggie Flipkart on the 7th of October 2020 at 12.30 pm.

Now, Realme Smart Plug is present to make your daily home appliances smart. Realme smart plug flash sale will start on 16th October. You can buy it for just Rs 799.

Realme Smart Plug Specifications and Highlights:

  • Remote and Smart Wi-Fi Control
  • Voice Assistant
  • Five Layer Safety Protection
  • Simple Set-up
  • 5 Layer Protection
  • 74.6g Weight

Realme Smart Plug Features Review and Full Details

Smart and Strong Wi-Fi Control

Alexa supported the Realme Smart Plug will always be available at your command. The user will be able to control the appliances at home remotely with the help of Alexa and strong Wi-Fi connection. 

One can set up schedules and regulate the operation of lamps, fans and television remotely. Keep calm if you forget to turn off coffee maker as you get the provision to set a timer with the Realme Smart Plug.

Fitness freaks and work enthusiasts just need to order Alexa and their favourite music in on the play. All this is possible with Alexa supported and solid Wi-Fi connection present in the brand new Realme Smart Plug.

Voice Assistant

Friends, your google assistant and Alexa your constant pal works simultaneously for you as you order them. So chill and turn off your loudspeaker as swiftly as you can from every angle of your home.

Five Layer Safety Protection

The Realme Smart Plug provides a wide input range that is 100-250V. The user does not need to fear for Children at home as it supports safety shutter.

All the protection measures have been taken care of by the Realme Smart Plug. It has the provision of flame retardant of 7500 VO, surge protection of 2000V and overheat protection.

Simple and Easy Set-up

There will be no hassle to connect Realme Smart Plug with the phone. In just three simple steps, one can connect the plug and smartphone. One first needs to add the device then pair and name the device. The device is now ready to control.

Basic specifications

The Realme Smart Plug works fine with an input voltage of 100-250V and 6A maximum current output. It supports 50 to 60 Hz rated power and 2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n) strong Wi-Fi.

It weighs as light as 74.6gm and 32×54.5×44.5 mm dimensions. The package will contain 1 Smart Plug and a user manual to guide you with the setup and usage process.

As we all know that Realme is a faithful and top-quality brand in the global market. Try out its next best quality the Realme Smart Plug for sure.

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