Realme Buds Wireless Pro Launching Today

Realme is a Chinese company that has diversifies its products and established a name for itself. Now, it is out with new wireless headphones.

The Chinese company named “Realme” is headquartered in Shenzhen. It is not a very old company, only founded in 2018, but it has been successful in branching out with its products.

The diverse range of products is the strong point of this company, and it has established a market for its products in India.

In the coming month, the company is about to bring forth many products so Realme fans can get ready for a lot of new items. Get ready for “Realme Buds Wireless Pro”.

What are the recent updates on Realme?

Realme is going for a lot of new products in the upcoming month. Headphone enthusiasts will want to know about the Realme Buds Wireless Pro Earphones, which will be released on the 7th of October, 2020.

That will not be the only new launch that day along with the earphones Realme will release a bunch of other products like smartphones, television, and wearables.

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What are the Realme Buds Wireless Pro?

realme buds wireless pro gaming mode

Just like the name suggests, the product is a pair of wireless earphones. Realme structures the headphones as a neckband style of headphones.

This product will go against a similar range of items from other brands like Sony and 1More. Realme has released a teaser that showcases the Realme Wireless Pro earphones.

In the teaser, the people will get to know some details about the earphones like specifications and other information.

Realme Buds Wireless Pro Price in India

The price of the Realme Buds Wireless Pro is not available right now. But it is logical to assume that the company will price these earphones, keeping the competition in mind. The new product will be available on Amazon once it is released.

The recent updates have informed us that the earphones will be available for sale from October 7th at 12:30 pm. Along with that,

Realme has in store other surprises like Realme SLED 55-inch 4K TV and Realme 7i for its customers. Interested buyers should get a look at the teaser page visible on Amazon.

Realme Buds Wireless Pro Features details

The earphones will have the feature of active noise cancellation, a massive advantage for people who get distracted easily by loud noises. The earphones claim that it can reduce the noise level to 35dB.

  • Realme earphones will be supplied with 13.6 dynamic drivers.
  • The battery life on these new products will be great. They say it will last for 16 hours at a stretch, and they will also charge fast.
  • Low latency mode, and it will also support LDAC high-resolution audio.
  • Magnetic auto-connect which makes the use of earphones easier
  • Automatic pairing with Bluetooth 5.0 technology

The trend for Wireless headphones is increasing, and so are the available options for the market. The last wireless headphones marketed by Realme was Buds Air. Realme will also have another version this October named “Buds Air Pro.”

Similarly, the new version  Realme Bud Wireless Pro will be a better version of the previous products. The add-ons will contribute a lot to the product attraction.

The low latency will be great for people who are into gaming. We can guess the price of Rs.2000 to 2,500.

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