Realme Buds Air Pro Master Edition

Realme is a prominent type in the Smartphone world. They are gradually widening their path in the wearables too. A new model from Realme is going to launch, and it is named Realme Buds Air Pro Master Edition. The launch is scheduled for January 8, 2021, at noon on Flipkart in India. Realme Master edition carries a price tag of 4,999 INR. 

The teaser image has suggested all the information about the new product. We will cover every detail in a detailed manner here. So let’s get ready to receive the details.

Top Specifications And Highlights Of Realme Buds Air Pro Master Edition

  • Space Capsule X full mirror design
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation mode
  • Transparency mode
  • The effective Realme S1 chip
  • Dual Mic Cancellation
  • 25-hours playback time
  • 94ms super-low latency and dual-channel transmission
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • 10 mm Bass boost drivers
  • Auto connection

Detailed Description About Each Specification Of Realme Buds Air Pro Master Edition

Space Capsule X Full Mirror Design

This Realme Buds Air Pro Master Edition Incorporated with a unique silver mirror design to the charging Case. This product will look like a rounded curve of the cobbles and has a twinkling cool appearance. It suits the one who wants to wear more fashionable wearables. 

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Mode

Master Edition accompanies a hybrid Acting Noise Cancellation that has the combo of FeedForward and FeedBack microphones. This technology will trap the additional noise both in and out of your ear. It works by emitting high-precision and anti-noise waves to neutralize the external sounds about a range of 35dB. This technology will filter out the external noises to give you a rich sound.

Transparency Mode & Effective Realme S1 Chip

With the transparency mode, you can get a better and natural ambient sound on your mic. Hence, you can talk to others without removing the earphones.

Realme Master Edition packs a Realme S1 Noise Cancelling Chip, that ensures less power consumption and establishes a stable connection with a professional ANC. You will experience a different sound quality with this system.

Dual Mic Cancellation

The Dual Microphones are designed to deliver an excellent Noise Reduction. An ENC noise-canceling program reduces the external noises during a call and lets the receiver get your voice with great clarity.  

25-hours Playback Time

It accompanies a powerful 486mAh large battery to deliver a good 25-hours playback time. If you enable the ANC, the playback time will be 20 hours. The amazing thing is that a 1-hour charge will gear up these earphones. If you are too busy just give a 10 minutes charge and enjoy the 3 hours of working time.

94ms Super-low Latency And Dual-channel Transmission

The latency will be very low as 94ms on the Gaming mode, and you will get perfect audio to video sync on your earphones. 

You will experience equal sound transmission on two earphones, thereby reducing the lag. 

Bluetooth Version 5.0

This feature is widely available in the latest wearables. This Realme Buds Air Pro Master Edition will establish a strong connection even if you connect multiple devices. Get a smooth play of music within a distance of 10m.

10 mm Bass Boost Drivers

Experience a deep bass on your powerful music with the latest Dynamic Bass Boost technology and a 10mm Bass Boost Driver. 

Auto Connection

Get a quick pairing technology with the Master Edition, and it will automatically get connected with your mobile if you open the Case. Google Fast Pair helps in quick pairing for the first connection.

Other Important Details On Realme Buds Pro Master Edition

Realme’s Master Edition has a smart wear detection technology that will automatically pause the playback if you remove the earphones from your ears. It also has integrated touch controls to manage your calls, playback, and to activate the Voice Assistant. 

These earphones are subjected to heavy tests to ensure their product is a long-lasting one with outstanding quality. It also has IPX4 waterproof ratings. 

You can easily customize the touch controls and enable other features like ANC, system updates, bass boost, and many other settings in the Realme link app. 

As the name suggests, this is a Master Edition earphone with many unique qualities. This product is worth your money.