Several audio brands are competing against each other to satisfy the customer requirements with a better listening experience. However, some notable brands always stand best with their innovative ideas. Here, we took two large audio manufacturing brands to find the best earbuds. In this particular comparison, you will get the best earbuds among Realme Buds Air 2 VS OnePlus Buds Z. 

Other brands like Boat were very active in upgrading their existing products. Recently they have released Boat Airdopes 441 Pro(Review) that is an upgraded version of Boat Airdopes 441(Review). So, every brand is on the track of upgrading to the innovations. Now, let’s look into the variations among these two earbuds. 

Realme Buds Air 2 VS OnePlus Buds Z: Specs And Features Comparison Table 

Details and specs Realme Buds Air 2OnePlus Buds Z
Bluetooth version 5.2 5.0 
Type of headphone In-ear headphonesIn-ear headphones
Maximum connectivity range10 m10 m
LED indicatorsAvailableAvailable
Battery performance25-hours20-hours 
Driver size 10 mm 10 mm
ASAP charging support10 mins = 2 hours 10 mins = 3 hours 
Controls Integrated touch controls for calls, music volumes and playbackIntegrated touch controls on calls, music volumes, and playback
Voice assistant supportGoogle Assistant and Hey Siri Google assistant and Hey Siri 
Noise isolationActive noise cancelation, Environmental Noise CancelationPassive noise cancelation
Water-resistant ratings IPX5 IP55
Unique featuresSmart ear detectionDolby audio system
Content of the purchase boxTWS earbuds, charging case, charging cable, ear tips TWS earbuds, earplugs, user guide, Type C cable. 
Call noise isolationDual mic noise isolation Dual mic noise isolation
Weight 42.7 g50 g
Latency  Low latency about 88 msLow latency of about 103 ms 
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Realme Buds Air 2 VS OnePlus Buds Z: Connectivity And Design Comparison

Realme Buds Air 2
Realme Buds Air 2


In Realme Earbuds, the stem is made of high quality, and it is separately fixed from the earmuffs. The carry case is of high quality like Boat Airdopes 621. Each earpiece is about 4.1 g. 

In OnePlus earbuds, the stem is an extension of the ear tips. This will get fixed on your ears. Each earpiece is about 4.3 g. 

Connectivity Difference Between Realme Air 2 and OnePlus Buds

When we look at the connectivity, it connects using the most advanced Bluetooth version. The Bluetooth version 5.2 helps in establishing a stable and stronger audio connection between the gadgets. Further, due to this version, it can build connectivity instantly. 

When we consider its connectivity, it connects with the support of Bluetooth version 5. This version is most common in recent earbuds that provide better connectivity and strong transmission. It also has the instant wake N pair support. 

Realme Buds Air 2 VS OnePlus Buds Z: Which earbuds provide maximum comfort and strong connectivity?

From this design comparison, these two earbuds have somewhat identical structure. However, when we consider the most comfortable earbuds, Realme earbuds are the best. 

While considering the connectivity, Realme earbuds come with the maximum Bluetooth version. So, in terms of connectivity and comfort, Realme Earbuds is the best one. 

Audio Output Comparison: Realme Buds Air 2 Against OnePlus Buds Z 

OnePlus Buds Z
OnePlus Buds Z

Realme Earbuds uses 10 mm drivers for producing the audio output. Bass effects are just higher than usual. In some cases, the bass effects are covering the vocals. Further, the trebles are just amplified. However, even at the half volume levels, it sounds better.

In ANC mode, it does its job decently. Overall, this is worth what you are spending on it. The unique feature of this earbud is they have R2 chip. This enhances the performance and lowers the energy consumption. 

OnePlus earbuds also use the same 10 mm drivers for producing the sound output. Further, it has the support of Dolby Atmos for enhancing the sound output. Bass effects are perfectly balanced. It does its job well in vocals and instrumental sounds, as they are clear and detailed. The Dolby Atmos technology also works better in enhancing the audio output. 

Which earbud provides better audio output?

A listener would get satisfied if they meet the balanced audio output. Looking in that way, the audio output from the OnePlus earbuds is much better than another one. Though these two earbuds have similar driver size, the Realme is better with some balanced features. In addition to this, ANC and ENC features are working well. 

Thus, in audio output, the Realme earbuds are the best with better audio output. 

Battery Performance & Waterproof Rating Comparison: Realme Buds Air 2 Against OnePlus Buds Z 

Realme comes with 460 mAh battery that gives a battery life of 25-hours. A single charge about 2-hour can provide you with audio bliss of 5-hours in each earpiece. Further, it has the support of instant charging that provides playtime of 2-hours within a 10 mins charge. It has the support of an IPX5 waterproof rating that resists sweat and splashes. However, it doesn’t resist dust. 

OnePlus on the other hand, packs an efficient 450 mAh battery that provides a playtime of 20-hours, and 5-hour playtime on each earbud in 1-1.5 hour charge. Here, you can get instant playtime of 3-hours with a charge of about 10 mins. This earbud is packed with an IP55 waterproof rating to resist water, splash, and dust.

The charging time for both carry case is about 2-hours. 

Realme Buds Air 2 VS OnePlus Buds Z: Which is better with maximum battery life and waterproof ratings?

After comparing the battery life of both earbuds, Realme has the maximum battery life over the other earbud. However, in the waterproof ratings, the OnePlus earbud has better ratings.  

Thus, Realme Earbuds has the best battery performance over the other earbud. 

Compare Calling, Controls & Latency Between Realme Buds Air 2 Bluetooth Headset and OnePlus Buds Z TWS

In Realme, you will get to enjoy a dedicated gaming mode with a low latency of about 88 ms. The controls available on this earbud is gaming mode, attend/reject calls, hold/play tunes, and enable voice assistant. With its dual-mic noise reduction algorithms, it rejects other distractions and provides better call quality. 

OnePlus comes with low latency, but it doesn’t comes with dedicated gaming mode. Touch controls are available on each earpiece with which you can attend/reject a call, hold/play the music, and enable voice assistant. It also has dual-mic noise reduction technology. So, your calls will be of high audio quality. 

In controls, calling, and latency Realme earbuds is the best one with maximum features. 

Conclusion: Realme Buds Air 2 VS OnePlus Buds Z 

Which is Best?

We have glanced at all the difference between these two earbuds. In addition to this, Realme Earbuds comes with smart ear detection. So, it can play or hold the songs by detecting your wearing. Both earbuds allow you in controlling calls, music with taps, and it has online voice assistant support. 

You can prefer Realme Buds Air 2 earbuds for better connectivity, comfort, smart ear detection, and battery performance. The OnePlus Buds Z earbuds can be preferred for their better audio quality and waterproof ratings. 

Thus, Realme earbuds are the best earbuds with maximum best features.