This year on Amazon Prime Day, Noise Prime Day launches and Boat Prime Day launches are going to happen, where they plan on sharing their products with the world. Realme also plans to join them. Realme is one of the strongest growing electronic brands out there today. It is known to the world for its trendsetting technological products which have proved to have a comprehensive superior experience to its buyers.

This Amazon Prime Day, Realme is going to launch two of its most amazing products- Realme Buds Wireless 2 and Realme Watch 2 Pro. These products will be available for Amazon Prime members from 26th July 2021 with various offers and deals. Now, let’s take a look at these products.

Realme Buds Wireless 2:

The Realme Buds Wireless 2 is a new, one-of-a-kind product. Made of Skin-friendly silicone, these earbuds have a curved neckband that weighs only 29g and is available in two colors- Bass Yellow and Bass Grey. With their New Active Noise Cancellation Democratizer, these earbuds can reduce noise up to 25dB allowing you to listen to a clearer sound. Along with this, they also have a VocPlus AI Noise Cancellation feature, specially designed for your phone calls.

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These earbuds have the Sony LDAC Hi-Res Audio technology to provide you with richer sound quality. They also have a 13.6mm Bass Boost Driver for deeper bass audio. They also incorporate a super low latency of 88ms which allows you to sync your audio and video while you are gaming. (The gaming mode can be activated in the realme link application.)

These earbuds provide you with a battery life that can last up to 22 hrs. They come with a dart charger and can provide a playtime time of 12 hrs for 10 minutes of charging. If this is not enough, these earbuds also have the magnetic instant connect feature which lets you separate the buds when in use and allows you to clip them back together when needed to power off.

These earbuds have a water resistance of IPX5, allowing them to easily withstand sweat and splashes. These earbuds have two audio codecs, which can be changed in the realme linked application giving you the chance to customize your earphones according to your preferences.

The sale for these earbuds starts on 26th July with a launch price of Rs. 1,399.

Realme Watch 2 Pro:

Realme brings to you the Realme Watch 2 Pro, a high-tech designed watch for its buyers. With a display screen of 4.4 cm (1.75″), this watch provides you with a large color, high brightness, and vivid display, making it easy for you to see clearly, even in direct sunlight. Incorporated with a High Precision Dual Satellite GPS, it yields precise route information and monitors your steps and activities.

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These have a variety of 90 sports modes for the perfect and precise metrics of your daily fitness and workout regimes. Providing a water resistance of IP68, these watches let you have a carefree workout without having to worry about sweating too much.

Included with a 390mAh battery, these watches have a battery life of 14-days for their uninterrupted usage for 2 weeks. They also have an inbuilt science-based health monitor that checks on your blood oxygen levels, making sure you always stay at the top of your health. They are also equipped with an advanced PPG sensor to monitor your heart 24/7.

Not only this, but these watches come in 100+ stylish watch faces personalized by Graufflex, South Korea’s ingenious young artist, to suit your mood and style. They also range from a variety of colorful watch straps, all made from skin-friendly silicone.

With their smart notifications alert systems, these watches notify you every time you get a phone call or a message on any of your social media so that you never miss anything important. Lastly, these provide you with additional features like mediations, sedentary reminders, drinking reminders, and find my phone features.

This product is set to launch on 26th July with a launch price of Rs. 4,999.


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