By now, everyone knows the name of the PTron company, which is mainly dedicated to the electronics and accessories of mobile phones.  Paired Retail Private Limited owns the company.

Ptron Dynamo Lite 10000mAh Power Bank Launched

Recently, PTron has launched a power bank with great features. Here are some of the facts about the power bank, and when you are done going through all of them, you will indeed want to buy it.

Ptron Dynamo Lite Price in India

The PTron Dynamo Lite has a market price of Rs. 1,299, but online shoppers can get it at the price of Rs. 449. The low price is a blessing of Amazon due to the Great Indian Festival, and in this way every shopper can save an amount of Rs. 850.

Ptron Dynamo Lite Power Bank Specifications and Best Specs

  • 10000mAh battery capacity
  • Charging LED indicators
  • Supports dual USB output(micro and Type C)
  • Super thin and super slim
  • Multiple protections

Ptron Dynamo Lite 10000mAh Power Bank Features and Details


PTron Dynamo 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank, BIS: Electronics

The PTron Dynamo Lite power bank is designed to be slim, and the user can easily carry it with them without sacrificing much space. Do not be fooled by its dimensions because it had immense capacity. The power bank only weighs 190 grams, and it is light enough to cause no trouble.

The Ptron Dynamo Lite power bank is capable of charging any phone at least two or three times. It can even handle charging most tablets once. Travelers will feel that this is a useful thing to carry with them.

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Charging speeds

The Ptron Dynamo Lite power bank can deliver the high-speed power of 2.1A so that the device is fully equipped of charging two devices at once. It is a useful feature because the buyer can enjoy the chance to share the batter power with friends too.


The Ptron Dynamo Lite power bank has dual ports, both input and output type. The power banks can be charged with both Type-C and Micro-USB cables. It can also support the dual USB output ports.

Safety and Protection

The PTron Dynamo Lite is designed to keep safety and protection in mind. It has a multi-protect chipset, which functions to protect against surge and short circuits. The device also has other safety measures so the user can have peace of mind while using the power bank.


The device has a year warranty, so the buyer can report if something goes wrong within one year. The customer care number is easily available on PTron websites and Amazon as well.

This power bank has a 10000 mAh battery and is incredibly efficient in charging. The device comes only in the color of black.

Not only is it compatible with phones, but it also works with cameras and several handheld gaming devices. The power bank can easily get charged in about five to six hours.

On top of that, the customer can get deals online at lower prices than usual, and it is a great deal for them. Anyone looking to invest in power banks should give this a try. This is a great device to keep you company in your busiest and longest days.