pTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual Driver in-Ear Wired Headphones with Mic

By now, everyone has heard of the PTron company. It deals mainly in mobile ac

cessories, and Paired Retail Private Limited owns that company. PTron manufactures almost all products in China.  PTron has products ranging from Bluetooth headsets, speakers and chargers, and much more.

Ptron Boom lite wired earphone has launched in India.

PTron earphones are growing in popularity with time. All the products from PTron have a warranty, and most of these products are not too pricey so that many customers can afford them.

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So, this article focuses on the “PTron Boom 3” earphones.  Everyone knows these by another name, the “PTron Boom Ultima,” it comes with 4D Dual Drivers.

Ptron Boom Ultima 4D Specifications and Top Highlights

  • Dual driver
  • Inline remote control
  • Inbuilt mic for calling
  • Gold Plated 3.5mm Jack
  • 1.2m cable length

Ptron Boom Ultima 4D Features Details and Review


These earphones have a great design that is very attractive indeed. There is a tilt in the ear tips of these PTron Boom 3 earphones at a 45-degree angle, which is convenient. Due to this feature, the earphones are a comfortable fit.


ptron boom ultima 4d review

The PTron earphones also have the excellent build quality, and PTron earphones have used tangle-free material to build the wire. It is also of a comfortable length of 1.2m.

The earphones also have an in-line microphone, which is a big plus. The earphones come in sturdy packaging, and the box assures you that this earphone has dual driver and deep bass quality.

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As mentioned before, the warranty for the earphones extends up to 1 year. PTron earphones will also give you a case for these earphones, which comes in handy.

It is also a good deal because these earphones are not very costly. The earphones have a gold-plated jack and are a light-weight gadget.

There is also a silver button that enables the user to perform the play or pause functions. There will also be a slider which can control the level of volume.

These are needed user-friendly features as the user will not have to resort to operating from the smartphone directly. The reasonably priced headphones offer you a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Sound Quality

ptron boom ultima 4d  features and Price in India

These PTron earphones do have deep bass and supreme sound quality. It is the best deal for the bass lovers, and if you want an earphone with the loud sound quality, you should but PTron Boom Ultima.

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These also offer passive noise cancellation. Many experts swear by wired earphones because they often deliver better service with no lags.

Dual Drivers

The most distinguishable feature of these earphones has to be the dual drivers. It is equipped with 8mm drivers and handles the highs and lows of the sounds well.

The design is a big help in aiding the sound quality because the tilt in the earphones results in a great fit in the ears

The overall nature is sturdy, so the buyer can use these for running or jogging or even for gaming purposes. The PTron Bass Ultima will not disappoint its customers, and it comes in a price range of Rs. 600.

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Conclusion: Boom Ultima 4D Wired Earphone Review

If you want a great deal for your money, you should consider buying these PTron Boom Ultima 4D earphones because they only come for about Rs. 600 to 700. They are available in online stores, and they perform the required functions smoothly.

If your budget only permits you to spend this much, these earphones are the best you can do. More expensive items will perhaps give you a better built as these PTron earphones are mostly plastic.

But for earphones under Rs. 1000 these do their job. You can also check out the