The newly launched purely wireless pTron Bassbuds Duo is available in two distinct colors like white and black. Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale 2020 is rolling it out at a massive discount of 77% on the market price of 3799 INR. Now, anyone can afford it at a realistic cost of 799 INR.

Ptron BassBuds Duo True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Launched in India

You will start a tangle-free celebration this festival time with the purely wireless pTron Bassbuds Duo. Consider this affordable classy audio electronic wearable device to be your constant companion this festival season.

The classy pTron Bassbuds Duo can be the most suitable choice as a gift during this digital festival spree.

Ptron BassBuds Duo Specifications and Best Highlights:

  • Top-class sound quality
  • Noise cancellation
  • Long battery life
  • Connectivity features
  • Quick connect
  • Multi-function playback button

Check out the thorough review analysis of the pTron Bassbuds Duo Earbdus Specifications Mentioned Below

Top-class sound quality

All thanks to advanced stereo audio output technology as it comes with the pTron Bassbuds Duo in-Ear True Wireless Headphones.

It supplies the best in class experience when it comes to sound quality. Now you can experience crisp and clear sound when using these wireless headphones.

Ptron BassBuds Duo true wireless earbuds

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Noise cancellation 

You will immerse into the world of pure bliss as you enjoy your favourite music using the pTron Bassbuds Duo in-Ear True Wireless Headphones. It comes with outdoor environmental noise cancellation, which will cancel surrounding sound during playback.

Long battery Life

Do not worry about losing charge midway through your playlist or getting disconnected during the important voice call from your loved ones.

The pTron Bassbuds Duo in-Ear True Wireless Headphones comes with 4 hours long playback time and 3.5 hours long talk time on the earbuds on a one-time charge.

You can extend the playback time by a further 8 hours (time equivalent to 2 additional charges) when using the charging case.

All these are possible with its 300mAh Li-Polymer Battery on board. The pTron Bassbuds Duo in-Ear True Wireless Headphones needs a charging time of just 1 hour to achieve a full battery recharge.

It will support 100 hours of standby time too. Is it not exciting?

Ptron BassBuds Duo true wirless bluetooth headset

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Connectivity features

The pTron Bassbuds Duo in-Ear True Wireless Headphones supports the latest Bluetooth connectivity using Bluetooth v 5.0. It has a 10 m wireless connection support in an open area ensuring that you a truly wireless experience.

Quick connect

Just take out the pTron Bassbuds Duo in-Ear True Wireless Headphones from the earbud carry case and voila! They are connected immediately to your smartphone. It also has a microphone onboard each earbud for calling purposes.

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Multi-function playback button

The all in one multi-functional button on the earbud ensures that you enjoy a truly wireless experience while using the pTron Bassbuds Duo in-Ear True Wireless Headphones. It permits you to regulate music replay and audio calls smoothly.

It comes with a satisfaction guarantee period of 1year from the purchase date. The festival shopping will be complete with the glossy pTron Bassbuds Duo as this time it will be a digital celebration.