PLAYGO T20 Ultralight Wireless Earbuds Price, Features, and Specifications


The famous brand World of Play recently rolled out virtuously wireless earbuds meeting the demands of music enthusiasts.

The modern model of the earbuds by World of Play is universally known as PLAYGO T20 with the essential featherweight attribute.

The classic colours that the PlayGo T20 earbuds feature are black with copper, green with grey, and white with grey.

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The popular earbud is accessible at an inexpensive price point only on the e-commerce hulk Amazon.

The impartial review aspect of the earbuds will propel you to buy the newest wearable electronic gadget.

PLAYGO T20 Price in India and Launch

The afresh PlayGo T20 wireless earbuds are obtainable at a rebate of 33% only on Amazon.

The Christmas sale begins as you observer a substantial drop in the price of electronic gadgets.

Like you will find the earbud at a price point of 1999 INR whereas the market price is 2999 INR transforming it to be lucrative.

PLAYGO T20 Specifications and Top Highlights:

  • 16 hours of Playtime
  • Sensitive Touch Controls
  • IPX4 Water and Splash Proof
  • Sleek Design
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Ebel Drivers
  • Environmental Noise Reduction

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PLAYGO T20 Features Details and Quick Review

16 hours of Playback time

The PlayGo T20 will transport you to a fantasy world as you relish the gentle tune of calm music with the earbuds.

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The earbuds offer a playback time of around 5 hours individually. The charging case will present you with 16 hours of playback time.

Hence, the total playback time that the earbuds will offer you is 16 hours.

The three lithium-polymer battery-powered comes with a considerable amount of capacity that produces an overwhelming experience of music.

Sensitive Touch Controls

The earbuds support both mono and twin bud feature. You can switch music or pause and play music as per your preference.

The controls permit you to reject or answer calls whenever you want to. Google Assistant starts serving you as soon as you get in touch with the regulators.

IPX4 Water and Splash Proof 

The sweat and waterproof proficiency convert the earbuds to be wearable under showers and rain sprays.

The earbuds are harmless as it endorses an assurance of IPX4.

The certification alters it to be practicable for athletes and fitness freaks as well.

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Sleek Design

The earbuds offer a comfy fit and hold on to your ear lobes firmly. You will not feel tiresome after wearing the earbuds for long hours.

The lustrous design of the earbuds turns up more eyes towards you as you dance on to the rhythm of Nirvana.

Bluetooth 5.0

The steady wireless link between the earbuds and your handset is firm as the PlayGo T20 earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0.

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The praise of being purely wireless goes to the only technically advanced version of Bluetooth.

Ebel Drivers

The well-adjusted Ebel drivers create rhythm with deep bass sound and keep distortion away.

The precise drivers produce high-quality sound that will transport you to a theatric realm.

The enhanced bass and loud sound create a sparkling and enthusiastic aura around the music lovers.

Environmental Noise Reduction 

The earbuds let you escape the noisy neighborhood as you immerse into the tranquil music of Mozart.

The earbuds propose the voice in its purest form and high-definition music quality as it reduces all the prevailing noises around you.

Enhancement of bass with loud sound output drowns you into the musical realm uninterruptedly. The PlayGo T20 earbuds let you appreciate the peaceful ecstasy of music with the ebel drivers.