Smart Watches are indeed a better companion for sports enthusiasts. Several Smart Watches are arriving on the market with new features to hold their place. However, some top brands like OnePlus, AmazFit hold their top place with their mark. Now, we are here with a comparison between the latest launches OnePlus Watch vs Amazfit T-Rex Pro from these two brands. 

Both brands have launched their smartwatch more recently. It’s hard to find the best watch among these two top brands. Thus, let’s study the features of each watch to find the best among the OnePlus Watch Smart Everywhere and AmazFit T-Rex Pro watch. 

OnePlus Watch Smart Everywhere VS AmazFit T-Rex Pro: Specifications Comparison Table 

Specs and featuresOnePlus Watch Smart EverywhereAmazFit T-Rex Pro Smart Watch
Bluetooth version5.05.0
Maximum connectivity distance10 m10 m
Call notificationsAvailableAvailable
Waterproof ratings5 ATM + IP6810 ATM 
Message alerts YesYes
Battery performance14-days18-days
Charging period40 minutes1.5-hours
Available sports modes110100
Playback controls AvailableAvailable
Swappable straps YesYes
Health monitoring systemSmart health monitoring systemPAI smart health monitoring system
Weight Not known60 grams
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Display And Design Comparison On OnePlus Watch Against AmazFit T-Rex Pro Watch 

OnePlus Watch comes with a stylish round dial that measures 1.8-inches. Their watch dave bezels are beautiful with smooth touch controls. For protection, the watch face glass is made with high-quality materials that extend durability and keep your watch without scratches. Its new strap is smooth and comfortable for use. 

AmazFit T-Rex Pro Smart watch
Amazfit Trex Pro

Now, consider the design of AmazFit. This watch has a tough and rough round dial. The dial measures 1.3-inches with an HD quality display. Your visuals would be clear with perfect and balanced brightness levels. No matter how the environment is, this watch has passed about 15 military-grade tests. Straps are also similar in their tough design.

OnePlus Watch Smart Everywhere Against AmazFit T-Rex Pro Watch: Which watch has a satisfactory display?

Speaking about the design, both watches have the same round dial and tough build quality. On comparing the display size, the OnePlus watch has a larger screen and stylish finishing. However, the AmazFit watch has high durability and can resist all environmental limitations.  Thus, the AmazFit watch has a better and strong display. 

Difference Between OnePlus Watch and AmazFit T-Rex Pro Smart Watch: Health Monitoring System

OnePlus equips some advanced health monitoring systems to help you stay healthy. Through your heart rate variability, it tracks your stress and provides suggestions to enhance your mood. With the breath training feature, it keeps a vision of your health.

AmazFit has a total health monitoring system of heart rate monitoring and oxygen saturation level monitor. Its PAI system tracks your health condition and provides alerts to improve your stress levels. In addition to this, it will create a personalized health evaluation system for each individual. 

OnePlus Smart Watch Everywhere Against AmazFit T-Rex Pro Watch: Which Watch has decent health tracking characteristics?

While evaluating each health monitoring feature, AmazFit has some additional health-tracking features. With its PAI health monitoring system and Spo2 monitor, it tracks your health condition and it is capable of creating a personalized health evaluation system.  Thus, AmazFit retains the maximum health tracking features over the other watches. 

Compare OnePlus Watch and AmazFit T-Rex Pro Watch: Sports Tracking System

The OnePlus watch comes with a generous 110 sports mode with a swimming efficiency tracker. An enhanced waterproof rating of 5 ATM and IP68 waterproof rating prevents the watch from any kind of water damage. In addition to this, SWOLF technology helps in finding your swimming efficiency.

AmazFit has 10 ATM waterproof ratings that help your Watch survive even in 100 m deep water. However, it is not designed to record data about your swimming session. This Watch retains a multiple of 100 sports modes. 

Thus, in both sports modes and waterproof ratings, the OnePlus Watch has the maximum features and efficiency tracking support. 

Battery Comparison Between OnePlus Watch Smart Everywhere VS AmazFit T-Rex Pro Smart Watch 

OnePlus Watch Smart Everywhere retains an efficient battery that lasts for two weeks with a complete charge of 40 minutes. This battery performance differs from your usage. The battery of AmazFit T-Rex Pro Wactch provides 18-years with a complete charge over 1.5-hours. Its battery efficiency also varies with usage. 

Thus, the AmazFit Watch provides additional battery backup without frequent charging. 

Conclusion: OnePlus Smartwatch Vs Amazfit T-Rex Pro

In this comparison, we have discussed each feature, and both watches stand best in some cases. However, the best Watch would be only one. But here, the best Watch comes under your requirements. 

Overall, AmazFit T-Rex Pro possesses better display, battery, health tracking features. Whereas, OnePlus is better at sports tracking. Even though AmazFit has several better features it can’t track your swimming efficiency. 

If you are a pro swimmer and want to track your performance, go with OnePlus Watch. For all other requirements, AmazFit is the best Watch.