The Smart Wearables giant manufacturer OnePlus is famous for its quality, and it stands as one of the best smartwatch brands. They are now ahead of launching a new smartwatch. Similar to the OnePlus brand, AmazFit is also a monstrous manufacturer. In this comparison, you will find the best one among the OnePlus Watch Smart Everywhere against AmazFit GTS 2 Smart Watch. Amazfit Bip U Pro latest smartwatch has launched in India.

OnePlus is on the mission of launching this product for live sale, whereas AmazFit launched this GTS 2 watch last year. Here, let’s look into the difference between each Watch and find the best one. 

OnePlus Watch Smart Everywhere VS AmazFit GTS 2 Smart Watch Specifications Comparison

Characteristics and specs OnePlus Smart EverywhereAmazFit GTS 2 Watch 
Bluetooth version5.05.0 
Size of the display 1.8-inches1.65-inches 
Display shape SphericalRectangular with curved edges
Connectivity range  10 m10 m
Swappable strapsAvailableAvailable
Call alerts AvailableAvailable
Camera shutter controls YesYes
Message notificationAvailableAvailable
Number of sports modes110 90
Health monitoring sensors Enhanced health monitoring systemImproved sensors for health monitoring
Battery performance14-days 7-days 
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Display Features And Design Comparison On OnePlus Watch VS AmazFit GTS 2 Watch 

OnePlus has a round display over a size of 1.8-inches. Bezels are excellent over the edges, and a high-quality sapphire glass provides maximum protection. A scratch-free watch screen yields a stylish look even after years. With better brightness, it sports a stylish look. You can even set your stylish watch face with available watch faces.

AmazFit GTS 2 Watch
AmazFit GTS 2 Watch

The AmazFit watch comes with a rectangular display with curved edges. The display is over 1.65-inches with AMOLED display quality. A 3D glass quality provides better visuals and balanced brightness. To accompany your stylish look, it comes with several watch faces. 

Which Watch is preferable for display? 

In terms of display size and display features, the OnePlus Watch has a larger display. With a stylish look and scratch-free features, this Watch has the best display features.

Health Tracking Features Comparison On OnePlus Smartwatch and AmazFit GTS 2

OnePlus equips some advanced health monitors to provide an accurate report on your health. With its Blood oxygen level sensor, it provides the level of oxygen saturated on your blood after/during your workouts. Similarly, it monitors your sleep quality as well. Through HRV, measures your stress and provides suggestions to improve your mental health. 

OnePlus has a generous 110 sports modes with an activity tracker. So, you never miss any of your workout achievements. 

When we consider the AmazFit watch, it is packed with a Spo2 measurement sensor, stress level monitor, heart rate monitor, and Somnus care for sleep quality monitoring. Further, its health assessment system provides a complete analysis of your health. It comes with 90 sports modes to track all your workouts.  

OnePlus Watch Smart Everywhere VS AmazFit GTS 2 Smart Watch: Which has the maximum health monitoring features?

When we look at the health monitoring features, AmazFit hits with the maximum available health monitoring sensors. It also has PAI for improved health assessment. 

While OnePlus has the maximum sports modes than another watch. Thus, the choice is relying on your needs. The best Watch in the health monitoring system is AmazFit, and the best in sports modes is the OnePlus. 

Compare Battery Performance On OnePlus Watch Smart Everywhere and AmazFit GTS 2 Watch 

OnePlus Watch

OnePlus Watch provides a battery life of about 20-days on typical usage. However, this will vary up to 5 days when you enable a sleep monitor and Spo2 monitor. Similarly, you will end with 25-hours of battery life on continuous exercise with GPS. 

AmazFit provides 7-days of battery life on typical usage. Thus, you will get more battery performance on the OnePlus Watch.

Waterproof Rating Difference Between OnePlus Watch And AmazFit GTS 2 

OnePlus Watch comes with a dual waterproof rating of 5 ATM and IP68 ratings. Through the SWOLF technology, it tracks your efficiency. Whereas, the AmazFit comes with a 5 ATM waterproof rating. Thus, you will get maximum protection with the OnePlus Watch. 

Conclusion: OnePlus Watch VS AmazFit GTS 2 

This comparison would have cleared the difference between each Watch. In addition to that, both watches have built-in storage to keep your favourite songs. OnePlus provides 4 GB storage, and AmazFit GTS 2 provides 3 GB storage. This AmazFit also has a built-in Alexa feature that is not available on another watch. 

So, the OnePlus is great in the display, sports modes, IP ratings, storage, and battery. Speaking about AmazFit, it has better health monitoring sensors and Alexa support. 

Overall, OnePlus Watch Smart Everywhere is the best in terms of maximum features. You can also go with AmazFit for maximum health tracking features. Both watches are available in your preferred shades.