OneOdio is a Chinese company aiming to produce products that are made of high quality giving a great music experience to their users. Also, they have officially launched their website in India – OneOdio, The power of music.

These OneOdio Adapter-Free Pro-50 Professional DJ Headphones are really great and the sound quality is simply wow.

The Box contains the following:

OneOdio Pro 50 Unboxing Content
  • 1 – DJ Headphones
  • 1 – 3.5mm Audio Jack Cable
  • 1 – 6.3mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • 1 – Portable Bag
  • 1 – User Manual
  • 1 – 24months Warranty card from Amazon (Note: If purchased from Amazon Website only)

Specification of OneOdio Adapter-Free Pro-50 Professional DJ Headphones

Special FeatureHi-res Audio
PlatformsMP3 Player, Tablet
Music SharingYes
Headphone Form factorOver-ear (Closed-back)
Speakers50mm drivers
Connector TypeWired USB
Material TypeLeather
Foldable designYes
Rechargeable batteryNo
Noise ControlNoise Isolation
Available colorBlack
Dimensions16.75 x 16.26 x 10.41 cm
PriceCheck Today’s Best Price

OneOdio Adapter-Free Pro-50 Professional DJ Headphones Full Review in Detail

The Share port technology is what makes it much more interesting and the desires to have one. The features of its adaptability to comfort you as per your needs is really an appreciable fact.

Flexible Design

OneOdio Adapter-Free Pro-50 Professional DJ Headphones
OneOdio Adapter-Free Pro-50 Professional DJ Headphones Review

The headphones are so adaptive that even a big head can wear them comfortably by adjusting the length. Not just that, it’s super portable because of its foldable design so you can carry them where ever you want.

If you are thinking of grooving with just one side of the Headphones, then this one is perfect, as it has a 90° single ear rotatable sound monitoring, PERFECT right!

Super Comfortable

OneOdio Adapter-Free Pro-50 Professional DJ Headphones Review

The 180° rotatable soft-ear cotton paddings give you the best comfort even during long-time usage and have a classic style. The thick padding of head straps and protein-packed earmuffs are designed to drain out the pressure and heat-build giving superior quality of comfort with soft leather.

You can simply go for the jog, running, exercise, or anything, as they are super comfy and stay intact even during your intense activities.

OneOdio Pro 50 Foldable Design

It’s so cool to have the length adjustment, the earcups rotate up and down, left and right, as they fit you perfectly by letting you do everything in your own style.


These headphones have a wired sub also an in-line mic to deliver clear quality audio during calls. To keep it super adaptive, they provide you with 2 types of cables, Firstly – 3.5 mm cables for phones or tablets, and Secondly – 6.5 mm cable for larger audio interfaces like Keyboard, Guitar, etc.

OneOdio 6.3mm Gold Plated Jack

It is designed so brilliantly that, you could connect your 6.5mm pin with headphones and the other end with a tablet, it’s totally multi-purpose and goes with any device you have.

Audio quality

The OneOdio Adapter-Free Pro-50 has the Japanese voice coil and diaphragm (Certified by the Hi-res Audio) making it possible for you to hear every detail of the sound by noise isolation. Even at the maximum volume, it doesn’t compromise with the composure of music, go ease from the mid-to-high and OneOdio Adapter-Free Pro-50 Professional DJ Headphones will still deliver the audio smoothly into your ears.

OneOdio Pro 50 Full Review

Every headphone can deliver great quality of music when completely at low or mid or high, but when it comes to transition you get to know the real colors, but with One Odio Adapter-Free Pro-5 Professional DJ Headphones you dont have to worry. As the transition from low to high or vice-versa is smooth at every state and does give you crisp and clear audio.

The 50mm drivers enable you to experience professional-quality sounds, helping you to hear every bit of the original music and immersive into the world of pure music. They provide exclusive and mid-ranged tunes, also a touch of bass boost because many love it.

Gold Plated Jack Cables

 The line-in mic of the 3.5mm audio jack is significant and delivers the audio clearly as it is. The passive noise cancellation (around 70- 80 percent) really works great and does help you hear out everything with clarity and precision.

For those who love to groove in style with a single side of headphones, here we go with the  Reversible housing and rugged single-sided monitoring. Just flip them your way and start vibing up.

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Having the dual option of audio cable like 3.5mm and 6.35mm gold-plated plugs with durable audio cords, you can plug them into anything and take the pleasure of the music without any worries of searching for an adapter.

Oneodio Pro-50 3.5mm Jack

The 3.5mm gold-plated jack comes with a line-in mic, just like any other headphones work, with a single tap, attend or cut calls, play and pause music, with double tap change the tracks, and by long pressing summon your voice assistants.

Also to make it much clear and easy for quick usage, there are two dedicated port interfaces, one on the right and another on the left of the headphone, for the 3.5 mm and 6.35mm jack.

Special feature – Share technology

The Share technology helps you chain up with other headphones without the help of any cord, and now you can chain up as many as you want and enjoy the music, sounds COOL!

OneOdio 50 Pro Listening in 2 Headphones


These headphones are durable enough to sustain for daily use in a studio, as it’s made up of ‘black matte plastic and chrome finish trims’ and have a glossy look at the outside.

Also, the premium quality leather on the headband and the earcups is really appreciable which does make it a long-lasting product with great quality leather.

Overall Quality

Firstly, the make of the headphone is exceptional, the rotatable earcups with protein foam breathable earpads give comfort on the outside ears while the sound quality gives a treat to your inner ears. Also, the looks of it are quite aesthetic as the glossy looks give a premium look to the headphones.

To make it easy for you here are the Pros and Cons of OneOdio Adapter-Free Pro-50 Professional DJ Headphones Review

  • Super comfortable to wearnPortable and flexible nRotatable protein leather earcups nAdjustable headphones nSound quality is amazing (Hi-res Audio) – Killer sound bassnAdapter-freenSuitable multi-use audio cords nShare technologynTravel-friendly
  • Loose Flipping of earcupsnToo loose rotation of earcups creates difficulty

Should You Buy OneOdio Pro 50 Wired Headphones?

Finally! These are great wired headphones, in simple words, it’s got a great balance of sound for every type of user, as it gives ‘Concert-feel’. 

Much suitable for DJs as told by the OneOdio, but a great choice even for normal people who love listening to bass, flat, normal, be it anything they give you a mesmerizing music treat. Also, if you are a professional or yet-to-be one and are looking for Studio-great headphones then you can just go for OneOdio Pro 50 Headphones, as it’s apt and budget-friendly.

One drawback would be the too much flipping of the earcups, but once it’s on your head you get super comfortable with them, also rest them on your shoulders and take a break.

Also, the genius audio jack cables are multi-purpose and can be used in a lot of ways, and the good news is you don’t need an adapter. Overall, you can simply go for these headphones, and under such a price it is a great bang on the deal!