Nokia Power Earbuds Lite TWS Bluetooth Earphone Launching Soon in India 2021

The Nokia brand has a strong mark in the gadgets world. They have several kinds of products from cheap to expensive ones. In their earbuds series, they are going to add a new product in the name of Nokia Earbuds Lite. They will be accessible for sale from February 17.

The price specifications are unclear as of now. It may range over 3,500 INR, and it can be ordered through the online store Amazon and the official Nokia website. Latest truly wireless earbuds wing phantom for especially for gaming, boat airdopes 101 at affordable price and boat rockerz 255 pro+ Bluetooth neckband with 40 hours battery life launched in India recently.

This earbuds launch is teased on the online store Amazon and the official Nokia website with all specifications. The features are almost available, and the only hidden content is the price. 

Top Specs And Highlights

  • Bluetooth version 5.0.
  • It delivers the Ultimate 30-hours of playtime with a single charge.
  • It has Powerful 6mm Graphene drivers.
  • Low weight with compact structure.
  • It has integrated touch controls.
  • Snug fit with a comfortable feel.
  • IPX7 waterproof ratings.
  • Ergonomic Design

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Features Quick Review

Latest Bluetooth Version

Similar to most of the recent Bluetooth TWS earbuds, this Nokia Earbuds Lite Bluetooth TWS accompanies the recent version of Bluetooth 5.0. 

This Bluetooth version will give quick pairing to your audio device and maintain a better audio connection within a span of about 10m. 

Ultimate 30-hour Playback Time

This Nokia Earbuds Lite Bluetooth TWS packs a powerful 600mAh battery that can deliver an ultimate 30-hours of playback time.

Each earbud has a 50mAh battery that provides a decent playback of 5-hour on each earbud. This five hours of playback time can be further enhanced with the charge of the charging case. 

Thus, five hours on the earbuds and 30-hours playback on the charging case delivers a massive total playback of 35-hours. A single charge allows you to enjoy two days without considering the battery percentage. 

Powerful 6mm Graphene Drivers

Most kinds of small earbuds have a driver size of 5-13mm drivers. The 6mm Graphene drivers are available with this Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Bluetooth TWS. It is a decent choice to get an impressive audio output.

The audio from the drivers is further improved with the deep bass and thus, gives an enriching listening experience. 

Low Weight And Compact Structure

In general, the TWS carries lightweight and can be easily carried by tossing it in your pocket or bag. This Nokia Earbuds Lite Bluetooth TWS comes with a low weight of 48.4g and measures the dimensions of 68 x 36 x 31mm. 

The earbuds of this Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Bluetooth TWS are compact with a dimension of 25 x 23 x 23.8mm. 

Integrated Touch Controls

These integrated touch controls are available in most earbuds. It is also Incorporated in this Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Bluetooth TWS. 

The universal touch controls are available on each earpiece and allow you to manage all music controls and calls. 

Snug Fit With Comfortable Wearing

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Bluetooth TWS is made with better quality materials and they are made for giving a more comfortable wearing experience. 

It comes with additional earmuffs to select the one that fits perfectly on your ear canal. With the silicone ear tips, you won’t get any irritating feel, and it would be ideal for long term wearing.

Other Mentionable Highlights Of The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Truly Wireless Earbud

This earbud has an IPX7 waterproof rating for protection. It is a better waterproof rating, and that can prevent your earbuds from getting damaged even under 30m deep in water. It also has an in-built mic that helps in getting a clear calling experience. 

As it comes in the in-ear model, it gives passive noise isolation. Nevertheless, there is no clue of whether it would have an Active Noise Isolation technology or not. 

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite Bluetooth TWS is accessible in three shades of Charcoal Black, Fjord, and Snow White. Though all the information is available right now, there is no mention of the price specifications.