A complete NoiseFit Evolve 2 Review
NoiseFit Evolve 2 Smartwatch Review

NoiseFit Evolve 2 Smartwatch Review

One of the leading Electronics brands – Noise,  has launched an all-new Smartwatch with fresh features and has a 42mm Round dial with a well-fashioned design and is now available in the market.  

‘NoiseFit Evolve 2’ is a Fitness Smartwatch with stylish looks, great design, and lightweight feature that makes it suitable for both fitness and outdoor purpose. These a well-suited iOS devices and Android devices comprising of better features and a great experience.

This article covers every inch of details like the display quality, battery life, smart features, health monitoring, and sports mode, also its pros and cons to ease your selection process.

The box contains the following elements

  • NoiseFit Evolve 2 smartwatch
  • User Manual
  • Magnetic pogo-type charging cable
  • Thank you card from Noise

NoiseFit Evolve 2 Smartwatch Specifications

ModelEvolve 2
Display1.2 inches AMOLED Display
IdealMen and Women
Special FeatureHindi Language Integration, Quick reply to calls and messages – Andriod only, Fast Charge
Dial Shape42 mm Round Dial
Dial MaterialPolycarbonate + Metal
Strap size and Material20mm, Silicone
Heart Rate MonitorYes
Stress MonitorYes
SpO2 MonitorYes
Sports Mode13 Types
Calorie CountYes
Step CountYes
Gesture controlYes
Water-ResistantYes, 3 ATM Water Resistance
Water Resistance Depth28m
Scratch ResistanceYes
Cloud-based Watch FacesYes
Smart NotificationsYes
SensorsHeart Rate, Accelerometer, and SpO2 sensors
Camera and Music ControlsYes
Battery life (Standby time)Up to 10 days
Charging InterfaceMagnetic (pogo type)
Bluetooth Yes, v5.0
Available ColorsBlack, Grey, and Pink
Dimensions258*45*12 mm
Weight38.5 grams
PriceCheck Best Price Online

More details on the NoiseFit Evolve 2 Review

‘NoiseFit Evolve 2’ offers many specifications to satisfy the need of this generation.

Top-notch Display

The ‘NoiseFit Evolve 2’ has a 1.2 inches AMOLED display, while the 390*390 resolution offers a clear crisp rich quality color display. A feature called “Always on display” will keep the screen active, be it the bright sunlight or pitch dark, the screen will be visible and lit but keep in mind this consumes a bit more battery than usual so use it when necessary only, as this can improve the productivity time.

You could also set the Screen brightness according to the environment you are in, which can save your battery at times.

Well, the dial is a bit large and so people with thin wrists must think twice before buying it, you can check the dimensions mentioned below in the table.

Detailed and dedicated Sports mode features

The product has come up with fitness maintenance features like calorie count, step count. To keep you fit and steady it comes with 13 types of sports modes, choose the one you want and NoiseFit Evolve 2 will help you evolve into the best.

After a run, workout be it any activity you get full-on details on your watch itself, however, you can check it through the NoiseFit app too. The details like the distance you ran, calories burnt, steps count, and much more, as every detail can be viewed on the smartwatch it’s super handy.

Health Monitoring features

A complete NoiseFit Evolve 2 Review
NoiseFit Evolve 2 Smartwatch Review

To help you stay healthy and track your health stats, it comes with a Heart rate Monitoring sensor that is active 24/7, which is quite accurate. The Stress Monitor makes sure that you are not stressed and helps you get back to normal. While the SpO2 Monitor tracks your oxygen level to ensure your health vitals are good.

It does come with features like Breathing mode, Sedimentary Reminders, and Water drinking reminders to ensure your body state is good.

The Step count tracker, calories burned, activity tracking, distance covered details are stored to help improve your goals and motivate you to achieve them, as your health is all the matters.

No worries even if the smartwatch is not synced with the app it still monitors your sleep time and stores the data, once they both are synced you can view it on the NoiseFit app.

Gesture controls, Camera and Music Controls

The product has gesture control called ‘Raise to Wake’ that can be accessed by raising your wrist, which is accessible only when the “Always on Display” feature is turned off. If you Raise your wrist, it light ups the screen, and if it’s pulled down then the lights will get turned off.

You can now control your camera during a group selfie just through a tap on your smartwatch also enjoy musical time by managing your favorite playlist through the NoiseFit Evolve 2.

Resistance power

This smartwatch has a 3ATM Water Resistance and 28m Water Resistance depth to keep you safe even during outdoor activities and sports time (Not so recommended for swimming activities). It’s also Scratch proof, to keep your touch screen in good condition. 

Quality of smartwatch

A complete NoiseFit Evolve 2 Review
NoiseFit Evolve 2 Smartwatch Review

The dial material is Polycarbonate + metal and the silicone straps are super flexible and comfortable which is suitable for long-time usage. As told above, the display quality is appreciable, and the UI Interface is smooth (best-ever until now) when compared to other watches this smartwatch is lag-free, sounds great right.

You can also expect precise Real-time information as it has the 3-axis Accelerometer, that tracks and records your activities and data in Real-time.

Smart Notifications

Having a busy day and looking for something that could ease your day? Well yes, this smartwatch has a Smart notification feature letting you manage your calls and keeps you notified of messages.

To get the social media notifications you have to pin the NoiseFit app in the background and also sync the apps to it and then you can receive the push notifications of your social media on the smartwatch.

The Caller name information lets you know who is calling so you can decide whether to pick the phone or you could reject the call or reject with a quick reply message through the smartwatch, that’s easy right! (It currently works for Andriod devices only)

It does have Vibration alerts so you could choose among them like Low, Standard, and High range, so it’s better to keep your watch at ‘Do not Disturb’ Mode while in sleep.

Most of them tend to keep their phones somewhere and later go in search of it, well now it’s easy with Noise Evolve 2 that has a ‘Find my Phone’ feature.

Available colors

A complete NoiseFit Evolve 2 Review
NoiseFit Evolve 2 Smartwatch Review

This smartwatch is available in universal decent yet cool colors like Black themed, Gray themed, and Pink themed.


This smartwatch is compatible with Andriod version 6 and above also with the iOS devices version 10 and above making it a superhero. Well one of the important facts is this is much suitable for Andriod devices than iOS devices

Noisefit app

Well, the users of Noise might know about the Noise app, for the new users here is a piece of good news, with this app you can keep your smart band and your phone connected at all times.

 Also, you can check the records and daily achievements through the Noisefit app and is available in the Google Playstore and Apple Store. Get along with your friends and compete with each other through the NoiseFit app, just go to the ‘Find my Buddy’ section and get connected.


The product can be connected be through Bluetooth v5.0 and has messaging support, email support with an operating range of 10m. Some smart features like Reject or Mute the call help easily manage the calls.

As long as the app and smartwatch are connected every notification will be visible on the smartwatch and the data in the smartwatch will be synced to the NoiseFit app.

Battery life

This smartwatch has a 200mAh battery capacity with a fast-charging feature that offers long-lasting battery life for up to 10 days and has a pogo-type magnetic charging interface. It gets fully charged in 1.5 hours and with the instacharge, a 30 min charge gives up to 5-days battery life while 80 mins charge = 7-days battery life (much convenient for travel time).

Tip: It has a 30-day Stand by time so a pre-planned gift or long travel time, no worries the Noise Evolve 2 will just be fine and ready anytime.

Keeping all those features like “Always on Display”, “24/7 Heart rate monitoring”, etc. activated, you can enjoy a 4-days of battery life with no worries. You will be notified if the battery goes low through a battery-low reminder so just be alert when it says so.

Other features of Noisefit Evolve 2

The product also offers features like date and time display, calendar, and alarm clock. A 100+ customizable cloud-based watch faces help you create perfect great-to-go looks for all times.

A complete NoiseFit Evolve 2 Review
NoiseFit Evolve 2 Smartwatch Review

Most of the smartwatches are accessed using the Universal language – English but guess what? this NoiseFit Evolve 2 has Hindi Language Integration via an OTA Upgrade, a special gift designed for the Indians. It has a better sensor quality and all the features get added up within the best price.

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NoiseFit Evolve 2 Review: Pros and Cons of it

  • A round dial of 1.2 inches AMOLED Display with 327 PPI resolution
  • Rich and clear display
  • 13 types of Sports modes
  • 24/7 Heart-Rate Monitoring, Stress Monitor, SpO2 Monitor
  • Multiple Sports mode  with Steps count and Calorie Count
  • Smooth UI Interface
  • Fast Charging
  • Light Weight 
  • Super comfortable
  • Gesture Control and Smart Notifications
  • Good battery life (depends on usage type)
  • The step count goes wrong due to some issues
  • It has some bug in the software and takes time to refresh
  • Doesn’t have good sound quality 
  • Poor battery life when the “Always on display” feature is enabled

Conclusion on NoiseFit Evolve 2 Review: Should You Buy This Smartwatch?

This piece of innovation is simply superb, talking about the looks, it is simply great to wear one. Be it any party, big occasion, gym time, or anything else, the NoiseFit Evolve 2 is just the perfect match.

The quality of the watch is amazing and very comfortable for daily use. The most appreciative feature is the display of the screen and the UI Interface, which is uniquely designed and gives a smooth experience to the user. Not just this but then the 327 PPI gives an utter-most clear crisp quality of colorful display.

Although there are quite a few drawbacks like bug issues in the app, slight delay of sync and refresh time in-app, and also malfunctioning of the pedometer showing the wrong count of steps. 

Not every product is perfect in every way, but looking at the positive side this smartwatch is worth a buy. Having such mind-blowing features, rich quality color display under such a price is worth every penny. And this is all information we wanted everyone to know about in the NoiseFit Evolve 2 Review.

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