The ongoing craze among Indian customers is all regarding a high-tech wireless headset with advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Chipset. The Noise brand is all set to launch some audio gadget supporting a purely wireless type of headphone. The well-known Noise brand recently rolled out Shots X1 Air 2 headset featuring Bluetooth version 5.0.

Noise shots Neo 2 true wireless tws earbuds, noise elan truly wireless earphone with Bluetooth 5.2, and the environmental noise-canceling feature, and new truly wireless headset noise buds solo tws with hybrid active noise cancellation feature has launched in India 2021. Noise has launched noise flair touch neckband in India

Noise Shots X1 Air 2 Bluetooth Headset Best Price, Features, and Specifications Details

The high-fi Brand publicized the release of much-anticipated audio electronic devices at a reasonable price point among its growing Indian fanbase.

You will find a close competition between the anew Bluetooth Headset with the introduction of Shots X1 Air 2 headset by Noise.

Noise Air Buds True Wireless earphones has launched in India

You will get this Bluetooth 5.0 supported Headphone sat a bargain price on Amazon. 

Noise Shots X1 Air 2 Lowest Price and Launch Date

The original cost of Shots X1 Air 2 headset is 4999 INR in the market. You will get a discount of 56% at e-commerce giant Flipkart. You will treasure this audio device at a bargain price of 2199 INR.

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st Price and Features Detail

The most reliable e-commerce giant premiers the launch of Noise Shots X1 Air 2 Bluetooth Headset. The subsequent evaluation of the earbuds tells you about the specification info elaborately.

Specifications and Best Features:

  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chipset 
  • In-built Microphone
  • Unmatched Battery life
  • IPX5 Water-Resistant
  • 6mm Headphone Driver
  • Smooth Touch Controls
  • Charging Case Battery Capacity 300mAh
  • Up to 15 Hours Playback Time
  • Best Price Deal on Noise Shots X1 Air 2 Earphone

Noise Shots X1 Air 2 Review Details of Top Features

The review analysis of Noise Shots X1 Air 2 Bluetooth Headset is as follows:

Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chipset 

The earbuds implement the most innovative Bluetooth 5.0 chipset to transport seamless audio. You will receive a stable linking whether you use the right, left, or both the earbuds.

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Pair and link the earbuds with other electronic devices located within a range of 10m and relish the tuneful world.

In-built Microphone

The earbuds deliver clean and smooth calls as it supports in-built mic reducing background noise.

The earbuds transport super clean and steady phone calls as it goes with one microphone on each earbud that makes it idyllic for the workaholic.

Unmatched Battery life

The wireless earbuds endorse large ability battery that delivers you with 15 hours of long playtime.

The sturdy battery functions very well at a long stretch with gradual consumption of charge. You can recharge the impressive battery within 2hours of time.

6mm Headphone Driver

The Shots X1 Air 2 headset will offer you Hi-Fi Sound as it links well with HSP, SPP, HFP, AVRCP and A2DP Bluetooth profiles.

It will stream you with good quality sound on call too. It states that it will offer its consumer with purely natural sound and authentic audio performance.

IPX5 Water-Resistant

The earbuds claim to have water resistance certification of IPX5. The rating insists us to use it under drizzle as well as on rigorous morning exercise session.

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The rating gives confidence to the fitness freaks and athletes that the earbuds are safe while they perform their regular training sessions.

Smooth Touch Controls

The earbuds allow you to direct your calls, melody, volume, voice assistant instantly as well as remotely. The 300mAh battery will also convey 30 hours of standby time.

You will find a soothing environment all around you with the Noise Shots X1 Air 2 Bluetooth Headset. The earbuds turn out to be as a unique Christmas gift for your friends.