Noise Shots Neo 2 Earbuds

Noise is going to launch new earbuds on its wearable series. It is teased to be launched today by noon. The new model of Noise earbuds carries the name of Noise Shot Neo 2. We have already listed some specifications of these Noise Shots Neo 2 Earbuds. However, they gave the full specifications and price now. 

We have a detailed report on the latest product and made a list here. 

Top Specifications And Highlights Of Noise Shots Neo 2 Earbuds

  • Bass Rich Sound 
  • 20-hours Of Continuous Music
  • Extra Fin Tips For More Comfort
  • No Lag Technology
  • MEMS mic
  • Integrated Touch Controls
  • Instant Pairing With Hypersync
  • IPX Water-resistant

Detailed Analysis Of Each specification Of The Noise Shots Neo 2 Earbuds


Bass Rich Sound

This Shots Neo 2 has a built-in driver speaker. Noise is famous for giving a clear sound on its wearables. The presence of these 6mm drivers, enhances the audio output, and gives a bass-rich sound.

Noise Shots Neo 2 Earbuds

20-hours Of Continuous Music

With the powerful lithium battery, you will get 5-hours of playback time with a single earbud. However, you can boom your music for 15-hours by using the charging case. You have to charge about 2 hours to get this decent playback time.

The charging Case’s LED lights denote the percentage of charge. If you see a blinking red LED the charge level is below 60% and if you see a blinking green LED the charge level is 60-90%. You can stop charging the Case if you see a constant white LED without blinking. This smart system lets you know about the charge and when to charge it again. 

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Extra Fin Tips For More Comfort

Usually, in-ear buds provide snug fit and comfort. However, to take your comfortable to next level these Noise Shots Neo 2 earbuds come with an extra fin-like structure with the earbud.

This fin provides a more snug fit to your ears and ensures great comfort with the earbuds.

No Lag Technology

This earbud comes with ultra-low latency of up to 85 ms in the gaming mode. So, you can get the perfect audio-visual sound in the gaming mode. You can enable this gaming mode on your earbud with 3-taps on any side.


Noise Shots Neo 2 Earbuds has a MEMS Mic to enhance your calling experience. This technology is available on each earbud and you can easily manage your calls without any lag or audio breaks. 

The receiver will get top-notch clear audio with the help of this MEMS Mic technology.

Integrated Touch Controls

In general, smart touch controls are available in the latest earbuds. However, these Noise earbuds sport smooth and integrated touch controls over them. 

You can simply manage your calls and use the touch controls for pausing or playing your favorite songs. You can even activate the Online Voice Assistant like Ok Google on Android and Hey Siri on iOS.

Instant Pairing With Hypersync

It accompanies the latest Bluetooth version of 5.0 that is capable of establishing a good connection within the range 0f 10 m. This latest Bluetooth version is not the only reason for the Instant Pairing, this has a unique Instant Pairing Technology. Just say hello to your earbuds and it will  get paired to your gadget instantly. 

IPX4 Water-Resistant

Noise Shots Neo 2 Earbuds

These earbuds will resist sweat and dust with the IPX4  Water Resistant technology. You can also wear this in light rain. However, it will be damaged if you use these earbuds on your swimming practice.

Other Worth Of Mentioning Features Of Noise Shots Neo 2 Earbuds 

Each earbud weighs about 4.9 grams, and you won’t feel something is triggering your ears. This design is very compact and the overall weight is about 32.5 grams. 

This earbud accompanies a one-year domestic warranty. You should register for the warranty, once you get your new Noise earbuds. 

You can get these Noise Earbuds in for attractive shades of Raven Black, Lime Green, Cobalt Blue, and Amber Orange. Make these amazing Noise earbuds yours at the price of 2,999 INR, and it will be available on popular Online stores.