In this modern era, people are using the smartphone for everything, and now smartwatches are slowly replacing mobile phones in terms of call functioning.  Most of the smartwatches are used for fitness tracking and sports activity tracking. Every fitness freak will love to have generous sports modes to track their performance efficiently. Noise recently has launched noise colorfit pro 3 assist smartwatch and noise colorfit pulse smartwatch in India 2021.

In The Smart wearables, world Noise is one of the leading brands providing all the features that their users demand. This comparison finds the best watch between the two latest Colorfit Watches. It finds the best between the Noise Colorfit Ultra and noise Colorfit Pro 3 smartwatches.

Both Watches have several features to delight every user, but the best watch is listed with all the features available in this comparison. 

Specs And features availability comparison: Noise Colorfit Ultra Vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3

FeaturesNoise ColorFit UltraNoise Colorfit Pro 3
Bluetooth version5.15
Maximum connectivity range10 m10 m
Display features1.75-inch LCD square display 1.55-inch HD square display 
Battery performance Nine days Seven days 
Charging systemMagnetic charging type Magnetic charging type 
Number of Sports modes6014 
Daily activity tracker Steps, calories burnt, distance Steps, calories burnt, distance 
Wellness modes Blood oxygen level, heart rate, and sleep monitor Blood oxygen level monitor, stress monitor, and heart rate monitor
Themes and straps CustomizableCustomizable
Call and message alerts Available  with a vibration alertAvailable with a vibration alert 
Tracking modes Multiple modes available Outdoor cycling, Indoor run, hiking, outdoor walk, elliptical, workout, yoga,  indoor cycle, outdoor run, indoor walk, rower, cricket, pool swim, and swim 
Waterproof ratings IP685 ATM 
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Difference between Noise ColorFit Ultra and Noise ColorFit Pro 3 in design, connectivity, and display 

Watch Ultra features the ultimate display specs with the availability of the large 1.75-inch LCD square display. You will get maximum comfortable viewing with the support of TruView technology. No more worries about checking for each notification on your mobile; this Watch provides reports with a vibration alert on display. 

Also, it has an aircraft-grade aluminum case with low weight. For connectivity, it has the most advanced Bluetooth version, 5.1. 

The Pro 3 Watch features a decent 1.55-inch HD square display to get a vivid enchanting view, as it also has the availability of TruView support. You will get all the notification alerts with a vibration alert on this smartwatch. 

Connectivity can be established by using the standard Bluetooth version 5. In addition to this, both Watches let you customize the Watch themes and straps. 

Which Watch is better for better design, connectivity, and display? 

In terms of display, the Watch Ultra has a larger display with premium quality. Even in connectivity, the Watch Ultra has the advanced version of Bluetooth. 

Sports modes and health monitoring system comparison: Noise Colorfit Ultra Vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3 

In Watch Ultra, you will get an enormous amount of sports tracking features. With the support of 60 sports modes, you can keep tracking your sports activities effectively. For wellness monitoring, it has a blood oxygen level tracker, heart rate, and sleep monitor. 

In Pro 3 Watch, you will get the availability of 14 sports modes, including outdoor cycling, Indoor run, hiking, outdoor walk, elliptical, workout, yoga,  indoor cycle, outdoor run, indoor walk, rower, cricket, pool swim, and swim. It also comes with auto sports recognition. The wellness tracking sensor includes the blood oxygen level monitor, stress monitor, and heart rate monitor. 

Also, a daily activity tracker will help you in monitoring your steps, calories burnt, and distance moved in both Watches. 

Which is better for sports modes and health tracking?

You will get a generous amount of sensors in the Watch Ultra in both sports modes and wellness tracking. 

Battery and waterproof rating battle: Noise Colorfit Ultra Vs Noise ColorFit Pro 3 

In Watch Ultra, you will get a better battery backup of 9-days, whereas, in Pro 3 Watch, you will get a lifetime of about 5-7 days. 

In terms of waterproof rating, IP68 protects the Watch Ultra, and in the Watch Pro 3, a 5 ATM rating protects from all kinds of water damages. 

So, in battery, Watch Ultra is best, and Pro 3 is the best in waterproof ratings.

Conclusion: Which Noise Smartwatch is Best? Noise Pro 3 or Noise Ultra?

Every feature of these Watches is unique in its way. However, they also offer remote controlling on-camera shutter and music playback. 

The Watch Ultra is best for larger displays, better connectivity, sports modes, wellness modes, and battery life. On the other hand, the Watch Pro 3 is better for a decent display and better waterproof rating over the other Watch. 

Thus, when you need more features,  Watch Ultra is your best suit for you.