Founded in 2014, Noise has developed into one of the leading companies in the world of electronics. It is one of the instantly recognizable names when it comes to Smartwatches, Earphones, and Smart Wearables. The latest product by Noise is soon to be launched into the market- the Noise Colorfit Ultra 2.

Like the Noise X-Fit 1, it features a Heart-Rate and SpO2 monitor, and a water-resistant body. It can measure up to the products of competitor companies like the boAT Watch Mystiq which accompanies you to your workout sessions through its sports modes or the boAt Watch Mercury, excelling in Real-time Temperature Monitoring.

Prices and Features:

The Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 is to range around 3,999 INR. It is will be on sale on 23th December 2021 on Amazon india.

Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Specifications:

Display1.78-inch AMOLED Display with 368*448PX and  326PPI
Sports Modes60+
Health MonitorsHeart-Rate, SpO2, and Sleep monitors
Customizable Watch FacesAvailable
Flashlight, Clock, CalculatorAvailable
Daily RemindersAvailable
Watch Body MaterialPremium Stainless Steel Body
AvailabilityCheck for Best Price Online

The Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 is comparable to boAt latest smartwatches

More information on Noise Colorfit Ultra 2

The Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 features Noise’s largest display with a 1.78-inches AMOLED Display. Be aware of every detail through 368*448pixels and 326 PPI.

Through its large display, you can find yourself immersed completely in a world of beautiful and vibrant colors and shades. Additionally, the watch has an always-on display ensuring the fact that you never miss out on anything.

Body of Steel

The Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 is an extremely elegant piece of electronic wearable. The watch has a premium stainless steel body that fits perfectly on your wrist. The watch will be a reflection of your subtle but uncompromising taste in electronics. 

Sports Freak

The Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 features 60+ Sports Modes. It is your perfect companion through your workout sessions, almost like the boAt Xtend. From running to cycling to swimming to football, the watch monitors you constantly and keeps you from overdoing yourself. 


The Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 keeps tabs on your health constantly. Through its constant sleep tracking, SpO2, and Health Monitors, the watch puts your body on constant surveillance very much like Noise Colorfit Ultra 3 assist


The Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 is an extension of yourself. Through its 100+ cloud-faced, customizable, animated watch faces, the watch shall always reflect your outlook on life. With this feature available, never feel out of tune with your watch.   

Keeps your day in check

The watch can always set reminders throughout your day simultaneously controlling your music at the same time. You can also access the world clock, your calculator, a flashlight, and online news through the watch. Your productivity is directly proportional to your access to the world, and with the Noise Colorfit Ultra 2, it just got easier.