In the modern world, people tend to know everything that is happening around them and plan their schedules accordingly, the health of themselves also being taken into account. Boat has launched boat delta smartwatch and boat xtend smartwatch in India.

This has created hype in the business world as they launched smartwatches! This lets us keep track of everything Some may even say that smartwatches can do a lot of things that even smartphones can’t! they grant easy access to the apps of a smartphone as well as monitor every bit of details of our body, like heart rate, sleep time, etc.

after the latest launch of noise colorfit ultra, As India’s number one wearable watch brand, NOISE has elevated itself from the rest of the pack by introducing the NOISE COLORFIT PULSE.

It has launched many watches in the colorfit series like the colorfit pro2 smartwatch and noise colorfit pro 3 is now launching a brand new smartwatch of this series.


Display1.4 inches full touch HD display
Wellness controllerSpo2 and heart rate monitor
StrapsSwappable silicon
Watch facesCustomizable and cloud-based
Battery life10 days
Waterproof ratingIP68
Dedicated appNoisefit app
Smartphone featuresCall rejection, quick replies, find my phone, music control, dnd mode, brightness control
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COLORFIT PULSE is a square-shaped band watch with a screen display of 1.4 inches that is similar to that of the colorfit Quba making their structure very much identical to each other. It is to be launched under one of the Amazon special launches.

This watch will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to the Noisefit app, and you will have continuous access to all the prime notifications, including quick replies.


One can consider this watch to be one’s ultimate fitness companion because it has both a SpO2 and heart rate monitor, along with other features. The band also provides very different customizable and cloud faces giving it a sporty look!

It has numerous features, including a walking reminder, walking gesture, sleep monitor, and different sports modes, which is crucial since, in current society, many people neglect their health in the race to get money.

Sports with the band? Now you no need to worry about sweat, moisture, or water splashing as the band is designed as waterproof with an IP68 rating.

 Furthermore, using the Noisefit app, every action can be tracked with just one touch and kept connected to the device through Bluetooth, simplifying data management.


There are many different features included with this band, including a weather forecast, alarm, do not disturb mode, vibration mode, find my phone, timer, call rejection, stopwatch, calendar reminder, remote music control, sleep monitor, screen brightness control, and more. It is even cost-effective and a product complete in itself and worth the price.

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