We all know that Noise is a leading brand in the world of smart wearables. Their new product Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Assist smartwatch, will hit the live sale in the global market soon. This launch is next to the introduction of Noise ColorFit Ultra and Noise ColorFit Pulse

Also, there is some popular Watch available on the competitor like Boat Watch Xtend.

On Amazon, Noise has made its features visible on their Pro 3 Assist smartwatch. Here, you can find the limited features available on the poster. 

Price tag and launching timeline 

Pro 3 Assist will be available from 6th August at noon, and the price tag will be 3,999 INR. 

Specs and features of Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Assist Smart Watch

FeaturesNoise Colorfit Pro 3 Assist 
Display specs 1.55-inch Truview square display 
Battery life 10-days 
Charging interfaceMagnetic charging type 
Unique featuresAvailability of built-in Alexa  
Daily activity tracker Steps, calories burnt, distance 
Themes and straps Customizable
Call and message alerts Available  
Tracking modes Stress monitor, heart rate, blood oxygen rate tracking, and sleep tracking
Waterproof ratings 5 ATM 
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Detailed information about the features of Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Assist Smart Watch

Display and design 

Make the industry-leading design to rest on your wrist by wearing this Pro 3 Assist Watch. It offers a maximum comfortable view like the Fire Boltt Ring Watch through the availability of a 1.55-inch large square display and the support of TruView technology. Check out the latest launch of Boat Watch Delta with multiple specs available. 

The display is embedded in the metal case with the highlighted curved corners. No boring theme for all the day, as you can swap multiple themes for each day. Straps are also customizable with this Watch. 

Built-in Alexa support

Pro 3 Assist offers the availability of built-in Alexa support. Just a voice command is enough to activate the Alexa within the Watch. It will give all suggestions like a weather forecast and also offer basic controls. 

Your health guardian 

Your complete health system will be monitored by the health guarding sensors available on this Pro 3 Assist Watch. It can monitor our health system with the availability of stress monitors, heart rate, blood oxygen rate tracking, and sleep tracking sensors. Also, you can get a budget-friendly Watch in the best smartwatches under 3000 with a Spo2 monitor. 

Battery performance and waterproof ratings 

With a one-time charge, you will get about 10-day battery life. Also, about 5 ATM waterproof rating protects the Watch from all kinds of water damages. 

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To get more insights about the feature’s availability, we have to look for the live sale.