Noise Buds Xero vs Noise Air Buds Pro 3: A Battle of ANC Buds

Both Noise Buds Xero and Noise Air Buds Pro 3 aim to deliver quality audio experiences at different price points. But which one suits your needs best? Let’s delve into their key features to help you choose your sonic champion.

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Noise Buds Xero vs. Noise Air Buds Pro 3: Unveiling the True Audio Champion

Choosing between the Noise Buds Xero and the Noise Air Buds Pro 3 can be tricky, as both offer attractive features for different needs. Let’s delve into their key differences to help you pick the perfect audio companion:

Design & Comfort:

  • Noise Buds Xero: Lightweight and compact, with a sleek, minimalist design. Secure fit with included ear hooks, ideal for active lifestyles. Where as Noise Air Buds Pro 3 is Slightly bulkier design with comfortable fit.

Sound Quality:

  • Noise buds air pro 3: Balanced sound profile with decent bass, mids, and highs. Suitable for most genres, but might lack punch for bass-heavy music.
  • Noise buds xero: Delivering a more powerful and immersive sound experience. May not be ideal tws options for those preferring a neutral sound signature.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC):

  • Noise air buds pro 3: Lower DB ANC, making it less suitable for noisy environments.
  • Noise Buds Xero: Offers hybrid ANC technology, effectively reducing ambient noise levels, particularly low-frequency sounds.

Battery Life:

  • Noise Buds Xero: Up to 50 hours of playtime with the charging case, ideal for extended listening sessions.
  • Noise Air Buds Pro 3: Up to 45 hours of total playtime, significantly smaler than the Xero, making them perfect for travel or long commutes.

Connectivity & Features:

  • Noise air buds pro 3: Uses Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC and AAC codecs. Touch controls for playback, calls, and ambient mode (transparency).
  • Noise buds xero: Utilizes Bluetooth 5.3 with additional aptX codec for improved audio quality. Offers touch controls for playback, calls, ANC modes, and transparency mode.


For users seeking powerful ANC, immersive sound, and the latest features:

  • Noise Buds Xero is a solid choice, offering decent sound quality and a comfortable fit for active lifestyles.

For budget-conscious users prioritizing comfort and long battery life:

  • Noise Air Buds Pro 3 is the better option, despite the slightly lower price tag.

Remember: The best choice ultimately depends on your individual priorities and budget.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Call quality: Both earbuds offer decent call quality, but the Air Buds Pro 3 might be slightly better in noisy environments.
  • Water resistance: Both earbuds have IPX5 water resistance, making them sweat and splash-proof.
  • Multipoint connection: Neither earbud offers multipoint connection, meaning you can’t connect to two devices simultaneously.

Noise Buds Xero and Noise Air Buds Pro 3 Price Differences

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