Forget about the hassle of connecting wires, tucking them under the couch or behind the TV, and trying to find a power outlet. All thanks to Zebronics ZEB-Jukebar 3820A PRO, now you can enjoy your music anywhere and anytime.  

Various wireless speakers are now handy in lucrative price offers with exciting features which give a surround sound experience like Boat Aavante Bar 550 and Boat Aavante Bar 500.  

However, Zebronics is a recognized name in the market and has been convincing consumers time and again of its value, whether it’s Zebronics Juke Bar 9700 or the latest edition. 

An elegant soundbar with speakers on both sides is enough for providing an immersive sound experience to any TV. The ZEB-Jukebar makes it possible to boast an Alexa powered soundbar for convenient set-up and control. If this gets interesting for you, continue reading to learn more. 

Pricing and Launch Date 

The price of Zebronics ZEB-Jukebar 3820A PRO is Rs. ₹8,999.00 currently and is available in India exclusively on Amazon.  

Don’t waste an opportunity to grab this offer. 

Features in a nutshell 

Brand Zebronics 
Producer Zebronics India Pvt Ltd 
Model ‎Juke bar 3820A pro 
Size Measure ‎90 x 11.5 x 6.2 cm and 3 Kg 
Compatibility Television or Smartphones 
Unique feature ‎Alexa embedded soundbar 
Unit ‎1 speaker 
Speaker Amplification Type ‎Active 
Connectivity ‎Bluetooth 
Power 80 Watts 
AmountCheck the Best Price

Leaving a pleasing impression on your decor  

A smart soundbar with a metal grill sleek design can be mounted on the wall or sit on your TV stand easily. The non-intrusive design blends well with your home decor.  

With such modern aesthetics, Zebronics ZEB-Jukebar 3820A PRO and another top brand soundbar like Boat aavante Bar 3150D makes it easier to enjoy your music without the hassle of space. 

Command your soundbar with Alexa

The Alexa powered sound system allows you to easily control basic playback features from across the room using voice commands over your soundbars. 

Alexa’s features, such as playing your favourite songs online, and accessing control on the soundbar and using the Alexa voice assistant in both the language English and Hindi for ultimate convenience.

Alexa’s dual sharp field microphones allow for accurate recognition of your voice, so you can simply tell it what you want after you say, Alexa…

The JUKE BAR 3820A PRO features Amazon Alexa integration so you can enjoy music, ask questions, control smart home devices and much more. 


Multi Connectivity 

Connect your devices via HDMI Arc, Aux, wireless optical Inputs for audio playback. You can also connect your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth to stream music, get weather updates and ask general knowledge questions. 

The JUKE BAR 3820A PRO is also compatible with two subwoofers embedded that create a well-defined bass effect and it uses dual drivers (4.5cm x2) to provide a great experience.

However, you can check a few other impeccable sound systems which project similar features like the Latest Boat aavante Bar and Boat aavanter bar 1600D. 

App support to ease your experience 

Get the Zeb-Smart Jukebar application, for your ios and android phones for the smooth setup of your soundbar controls with smart tools. This permits Zebronics ZEB-Jukebar 3820A PRO to change input options, select streaming partners and control media support.

Every single feature projected by this soundbar makes Zebronics ZEB-Jukebar 3820A PRO an extremely user-friendly sound system that can be operated by everyone irrespective of the age barrier.