Flix Brand is a newly launched initiative by Beetel, an Indian manufacturer and distributor. This sub-brand plans to step foot into the smart accessories segment. We have covered boat rockerz 255 pro plus review in detail with pros and cons, and boat rockerz 335 review also.They’ll manufacture gadgets like earphones, power banks, chargers, and stereos. Flix Blaze in-Ear Bluetooth Neckband with Mic is a part of their new line of products. It is priced at 1499 INR. 

Top Specifications and Features of Flix Blaze In-Ear Bluetooth Neckband With Mic:

  • Bluetooth Chip V4.2
  • 10 MM Driver Size
  • 6 Hours of Playing Time
  • 110 mAh Battery Capacity
  • Dual Pairing
  • Extra Bass
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Noise Isolation
  • Easy Access Control
  • Ergonomic Fit

Flix (Beetel) Blaze In-Ear Bluetooth Neckband with Mic Features in Detail:

A Driver is a prized component in any headset. A Driver is what generates the sounds we hear. And the size of the Driver decides the quality and the loudness of the audio the earpieces emit. 

For an in-ear headset, the Driver’s size differs from 8mm to 15mm in diameter. So, a 10mm Driver of this Bluetooth neckband is of the ideal size. 

Bluetooth V4.2 

The Bluetooth version on which a wireless headset operates on tells a user a lot about the product. In this instance, the Blaze Flix neckband’s installed with V4.2, one of the finest Bluetooth codec systems available today. 

This neckband can connect to any device within a 10m range in closed spaces. However, that range can exceed up to 200m in open areas for this particular Bluetooth version. 

6 Hours Playing Time and 110mAh Battery Capacity 

In a wireless headset, the playback time and the battery capacity help seal the deal. One wants to be able to use the headset for long hours without having to recharge them often. Flix Blaze Bluetooth neckband has a playing time of 6 hours and the single Lithium Polymer battery installed in the headset has the capacity of 110mAH.

Despite the notable specs, those are not the highlighting features of these earphones. There are Bluetooth neckbands that last for 8-10 hours and have a battery capacity of 150mAh within the same price range. Over-the-ear headphones, Flix X1 and in-ear Bluetooth neckband Flix Bettel Tone 200 wired earphone and Flix Smartwatch S1 are some other products has launched with this Bluetooth headset by Flix powered by Beetel.

Extra Bass

One of the advertised features of this product is extra Bass, which enables its user for a better and louder musical experience. The neckband’s also fitted with a stereo microphone technology. It means that the left and the right speaker will signal out different audios.

Dual Connection and Access Control  

This in-ear wireless neckband can connect to two separate devices at the same time. Android, IOS, and universal phones are some of the devices it can connect to when in range.

These earphones even allow users to pick up calls and change songs remotely. It even lets its user control the volume from the buttons present on the neckband. 


Another must-mention attribute of the Bluetooth neckband is that it is set-up with a noise-isolation feature. This means that it will try to block out as much surrounding sound as possible. However, there will still be a faint trace of background noise after plugging in the earphones. It also promises HD clear quality on voice calls as the microphones are fitted into the band.


The earphones come with the promise of an ergonomic fit. Therefore providing comfort experience every time they are plugged in. Another doting feature of this neckband is its ultra-lightweight. At 95g, one can wear this device for hours at a stretch and not feel burdened. The 2020 Flix Blaze model was first made available on 24th December 2020. They are manufactured in China by an Indian company.