MuveAcoustics Focus MA-1525SB Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Sale on Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale 2020!!

The year 2020 is witnessing the digital festival spree which is going to be overwhelming with the high-quality MuveAcoustics Focus MA-1525SB Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. The MuveAcoustics brand solutions will set free your inner emotions with the audio electronic devices with the latest technology.

MuveAcoustics Focus Bluetooth Headphones Online at Lowest Price in India

Now, everyone can afford the MA-1525SB Headphones as Amazon is rolling it out 999 INR on Great Indian Festival Sale 2020. Hurry up! Catch the top-quality audio product available at a lightning deal on Amazon. The market price of MuveAcoustics Focus MA-1525SB is 1999 INR.

The optimum comfort is achievable with the wireless Bluetooth Steel Black headphone in the form of MuveAcoustics Focus MA-1525SB. It employs soft stuffed cushions with a flexible sliding headband to provide support.

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Top Specifications and Highlights:

  • Powerful Bass
  • 8 hours Playtime
  • Stylish and Comfort-Fit
  • Pair and Play
  • Connectivity
  • In-built Microphone
  • Lithium Polymer Battery

Detailed Review Analysis of MuveAcoustics Focus MA-1525SB Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

Powerful Bass

The innovative MA-1525SB Headphones employ the latest Zeeva technology in its audio electronic devices like headphones, earphones to deliver premium sound quality. Experience a superior form of the sound quality of the entertainment zone as you explore the strong and powerful bass in the world of music.

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8 hours Playtime

The most useful function of the MuveAcoustics Focus Wireless Headphone is its continuous playtimeIt will play uninterruptedly for 8 hours long as you charge the battery to 100% at once. If not charge fully in one go, then it will provide you with non-stop 6 hours of playtime. 

Stylish and Comfort Fit

MuveAcoustics Focus worked smartly and developed MA-1525SB Headphones that will add to your glam and prove to be the new style icon of people. The everyday usable advanced MA-1525SB supplies the best comfort as it is an on-ear wireless headphone.

Pair and Play

The recently updated instant pairing technology lets the user pair the headphone easily and swiftly with your handset or other electronic devices. It supplies you with clear, distinct and stable communication of sound with high-class quality.


The uninterrupted wireless connection is possible only because of the advanced Bluetooth 5.1 version. The newest version of the wireless network allows the person to focus on the meeting or movies with full concentration.

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In-built Microphone

MuveAcoustics Focus Wireless Headphone comes with the updated version that employs in-built microphone in it. It will help the caller to listen as you speak and walk around. One can dance on the beats of nirvana with the MA-1525SB Bluetooth on-ear headphone.

Lithium Polymer Battery

The long period utilization of headphones is now possible due to the incorporation of a Lithium Polymer Battery. The MA-1525SB employed a Lithium polymer battery to increase the playtime and standby time of the headphone.