Motorola Vervebuds100 -True Wireless Earbuds

Motorola Vervebuds100 True Wireless Earbuds Price, Features, and Specifications

The well-known brand Motorola recently rolled out earbuds naming Vervebuds100.

The most recent purely wireless earbuds launched by Motorola will be everyone’s first choice because of its exclusive characteristics.

The new model of purely wireless earbuds known as Motorola Vervebuds100 Bluetooth earphones will be out in the market in two distinct colours like black and white.

The earbuds are obtainable at a rock-bottom price of 2699 INR while the market price of the earbuds is 4999 INR.

The e-commerce giant Amazon is offering it a huge discount of 46% in the season end sale.

Motorola Vervebuds100 Specifications and Highlights

  • IPX5 Waterproof and Sweatproof
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0
  • Powerful Noise Reduction
  • Smart Touch Control
  • Superior Battery Life
  • Comfortably Fits All Day

Motorola Vervebuds100 Features Details and Quick Review

IPX5 Waterproof and Sweatproof

The unmatched rating of sweatproof and waterproof that only a high-fi brand like Motorola can only achieve.

The IPX5 certification that Motorola Vervebuds100 TWS earbuds get will make the consumers crave for it.

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The fitness freaks will now work out as much as they want without any fear of damaging their constant buddy that is the earbuds.

Latest Bluetooth 5.0

The uniform wireless network zone formed between the earbuds and smartphone is attainable because of the innovative Bluetooth version 5.0.

The clear transmission of your voice or rich musical sound with every beat in place makes your calls long and melodic experience supreme.

Enjoy flawless call quality with in-built microphones on each earbud. The microphone on each earbud catches your voice and deliver it as loud and clear as you speak.

You can even use a single earbud as per your choice and works fine.

Powerful Noise Reduction

The Motorola Vervebuds100 Bluetooth headset buyers will experience a studio-quality sound that alleviates the listening experience to a whole new level.

The Passive Noise Cancellation Technology blocks all the unwanted background noise and lets you relish long conversations over the phone.

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Smart Touch Control

The user can perform multi-task simultaneously when they are on the phone. Like they can cook, type or workout while conversating over the phone.

The smart touch button on the earbuds lets you answer calls while you are busy doing your office work.

The earbuds support the mono bud attribute also efficiently.

One can even pair the earbuds with Siri, Amazon Alexa or Ok Google by connecting them using the Hubble application.

Superior Battery Life

The supreme quality of the earbuds is their ability to play for about 14 hours continuously.

The individual earbuds offer you a playtime of 5hours each while a playtime of 9hours is achievable from the portable charging case.

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The charging case comes with high capacity lithium polymer battery that helps the earbuds to gear up swiftly.

If you are in a hurry, then the compact charging case is enough that one needs to carry to their workplace.

Comfortably Fits All Day

The Motorola Vervebuds 100 earbuds can be put on comfortably for the entire day as it snuggly fits into the earlobe.

The three distinct sizes of earmuffs ensure a perfect fit of the earbuds during outdoor activities as well.

The radiant Motorola Vervebuds100 truly wireless earbuds stand up impeccably to meet your demands and also matches well with all your dress code at every event.