The American multi-national company Motorola is back in the market with the announcement of the release of Motorola Tech3 (TWS) Bluetooth Headset.

JBL T215 true wireless earbud and Infinity swing 350 Bluetooth headsets have launched in India.

Recently, Motorola stepped into the global market with the launch of Motorola Tech3 (TWS) Bluetooth Headset at a standard price of 9999 INR.

Motorola Tech3(TWS) Bluetooth Headset  (Black, In the Ear)

The telecommunications firm astonishes the new and young generation again with a superb audio electronic Bluetooth headset. But it going to sell at 5999 during Flipkart big billion days sale 2020.

The implementation of the latest technology in this Bluetooth headset is TWS abbreviation for True Wireless Stereo.

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The name Motorola Tech3 implies that the Bluetooth headset incorporates TriX Technology. It means that the product will supply three pairs of earbuds which will serve its purpose according to different occasions.

The Motorola Tech3 (TWS) Bluetooth Headset employs the latest Bluetooth version 5. The headset also has a connector type of 3.5mm size.

Motorola has also launched its new tws named as Verve Buds 100 in India.

It helps the user to share the earbuds among your partner and enjoy the music. The user can enjoy the melody with one earbud during sleep time.

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The name of the model is Tech3 with black colour. With the in-built microphone feature, one can talk while they walk. The headset will continuously work for about 18 hours.

Top Specifications and Highlights:

  • Tech3: 3 in 1 Technology
  • TWS: True Wireless Stereo
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • 3.5mm connector type
  • Black colour
  • In-built mic
  • 18-hours Battery life
  • USB Charging cable
  • Charging Case
  • Lithium Polymer Battery
  • 120 gm weight
  • 110 mm width
  • 46.5 mm height
  • 258 mm depth
  • 1year domestic warranty

Review analysis of Motorola Tech3 (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth Headset is as follows:

3 in 1 Technology

The implementation of Tech3 model by Motorola will surely make the Bluetooth Headset a success. It will cater to function as per the user requirement. It will function as an earbud when the user runs or jogs. Use it as a wired connection when Bluetooth signal is unavailable.

TWS: True Wireless Stereo

It is wireless that is no wire connects the earbuds also. No earbuds connect to the phone with the wire as well as no earbuds connect each other from end to end with wire. It is a purely wireless Bluetooth headset. The user can share the earbuds with their friends and enjoy during workout sessions or at the workplace.

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Bluetooth Version 5.0

Leave your phone across the hallway as you are free to move as yourMotorola Tech3 (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth Headset comes with latest version 5.0 of Bluetooth. Listen to the cooking show while you cook without carrying your smartphone.

In-built microphone

Walk and talk application is possible with this versatile and flexible Motorola Tech3 (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth Headset. With the tangle-free headset, long conversations with family and friends give you the freedom to dance across your home.

18-hours Battery life

During night time at home, one can feel the music and dance on the beats of the rock band show usingMotorola Tech3 (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth Headset. All this is possible because of its battery life for about 18-hours.

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Lithium Polymer Battery

It is a rechargeable battery as the electrolyte is in the form of polymer and not liquid type electrolyte. Electrolyte forms with the help of high conductivity semisolid polymers.

Charging Cable and Case

The Motorola Tech3 (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth Headset comes along with a cable for charging purpose. The placement of the Bluetooth headset is inside a charging case. One will get all the information from the user guide manual that comes along with the product.

Basic Dimensions

The super-lightMotorola Tech3 (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth Headset weighs only 120gm. The depth, width and height of the Bluetooth headset is 258mm, 110mm and 46.5mm respectively.

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Assurance Card

The customer will receive a domestic guarantee period of 1 year from the date when the user buys the product. If the headset faces electrical damage, it will come under the assurance period. Any physical damage to the Bluetooth headset is unrepairable by the company.

Tune into your favorite music and dance with the smart-looking Motorola Tech3 (True Wireless Stereo) Bluetooth Headset.