Modernista Maestro Bar 20W Bluetooth soundbar

The Modernista is one of the popular growing brands in audio equipment. It has added a new product on its Bluetooth soundbar series with the name Modernista Maestro Bar 20W Bluetooth soundbar. This new Bluetooth soundbar was launched last year and rated for the best quality without compromising the sound output. 

This list has the specs and other mentionable information about the Bluetooth soundbar. 

Top highlights And Specifications Of The Modernista Maestro Bar 20W Bluetooth Soundbar 

  • Powerful 20W RMS power output.
  • It has a dual bass reflex port for rich bass.
  • Bluetooth version 5.0.
  • It has multiple connectivity options.
  • Large battery to give 4-4.5 hours of playtime.
  • It accompanies a built-in mic.
  • Stylish metal finishing.

Detailed Information Of The Highlights Of The Modernista Maestro Bar 20W Bluetooth Soundbar 

Powerful 20W RMS output

This Modernista Maestro Bar 20W Bluetooth soundbar sports large drivers that can deliver an excellent sound output of 20W RMS power output. This soundbar is designed to double the 10W audio output.

Get to experience the cinematic sound effects with this new Bluetooth soundbar, as it gives a decent audio output. The sound is enough for getting good gaming sounds on your TV. 

Double Bass Reflex Ports 

With the double bass reflex ports, you can enjoy the crisp bass output along with the immersive audio effects. 

This Bluetooth soundbar lets you enjoy the bass output as the bass is produced along the 2 channel field. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

As with the recent Bluetooth soundbars, this Bluetooth soundbar also uses Bluetooth connectivity. This Bluetooth soundbar uses the most recent Bluetooth version of 5.0 that gives a good audio connection and fast pairing to your equipment. 

Large Battery With Decent Playtime

It comes with a large 2400mAh battery that gives a wireless playback of about 4-4.5 hours of the continuous streaming experience. 

You can get this speaker with you to experience the cinematic effect wherever you need. 

Built-in Mic

No matter what you are doing, just reply to your calls without the need of searching your mobiles. This Bluetooth soundbar has a built-in mic to enable a hands-free calling experience. 

With stable connectivity, it will enhance your calling experience too. 

Multiple Connectivity Option

Modernista Maestro Bar 20W Bluetooth soundbar

There is nothing to worry about the connectivity options. This Bluetooth soundbar also works with a wired connection in addition to the Bluetooth connectivity. 

Play endlessly with the other options of AUX and USB drive. Wired or wireless, it gives an excellent performance. 

Other Mentionable Specs Of The Modernista Maestro Bar 20W Bluetooth Soundbar 

This Bluetooth soundbar has a sleek design with metallic finishing. The weight is also less, so it is an ideal one for better portability. 

The controls are embedded on the top side to give simple navigation along with a USB drive slot. 

The overall weight is 800g. It comes with a price of 1,099 INR, and it is accessible in a single shade of Silver white.