Mivi is one of the largest audio gadget manufacturing brands in the market. They have several innovative solutions to fulfill the audio needs of the users. Usually, they launch several products to their audio system. They have also launched mivi duopods a25 tws recently in India 2021.

Now they are preparing their space for launching their MIVI Collar Flash Bluetooth Neckband. For the launch, they have made a poster that is available on Amazon. We have gathered all information available about the neckband and listed them briefly here.

Launching Time And Price Tag 

This new Collar Flash will be available for sale from July 6 and is offered with a flashing launching price of 999 INR.


Battery performance24-hours
ASAP charge supportTen mins=10-hours
AudioPowerful audio with sufficient bass
Number of shades 6
Check the neckbandGo To Store

Features Detail

Collar Flash is specially designed to provide a premium listening experience with a premium quality design. Each earpiece has the support of a silicon earmuff to give a smooth feel on your wearing. The earpiece also comes with the help of magnetic attach tips, but we don’t know whether the magnetic function has the play\pause function.

For controls, it comes with the availability of a multifunction button. It may have the support of enabling the voice assistant. In terms of battery, a single charge will power up the listening for up to 24-hours. If this seems too long time to charge your neckband, make use of the ASAP setting support. 

The support of ASAP charging support provides instant charging. In a chagrin time of 10 minutes, you will get a maximum of 10-hours of playtime. When we consider the sounding features, MIVI is constantly conscious about the sound quality. So, the sound quality will be better as you expect it to be. 

Speaking about the bass quality, they claim it to be sufficient, and you can notice the details of the tunes. So, it may be adequate not to cover the vocals. MIVI brings the six multiple shades in their Collar Flash. 

We have to look for the launch to know some additional features available on the neckband.