Mivi has a wide range of audio equipment that delivers a good sound output. They have launched a new product on their Bluetooth earphones string today with the name of Mivi Collar 2B Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. This is an Indian brand and sounds best at an affordable price. This new product has the price of 1,199 INR. 

This page gives the details and specifications of this new product.

Top Specifications And Highlights Of Mivi Collar 2B Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

  • 17-hours playback
  • Heavy bass output
  • Next-Gen calling experience
  • Dust and sweat proof
  • Great build design
  • Dual pairing
  • 10 min charge = 10 hours playback
  • ASAP Fast Charging
  • Sweat Proof and Dust Proof(IPX7)
  • Activate voice assistant

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Detailed Analysis Of Each specification Of Mivi Collar 2B Wireless Bluetooth Earphones


Mivi accompanies a powerful Lithium polymer battery that gives you a maximum of 17-hours of playback when you use these earphones under a 70% volume.

Mivi has also launched latest bluetooth speaker Roam 2 at very affordable price in India.

It sports a quick-charging system that fills the battery within 40 minutes. A 10 minutes charge is enough for getting a 10-hours playback. 

Heavy Bass Output

These Collar 2B earphones have a dynamic driver to give a deep bass to your ears. The audio output is also great here as the audio is fine-tuned to enhance your listening experience. 

These earphones would be an ideal one for those who want to fill their ears with deep and enriched bass. 

Next-Gen Calling Experience

This new Mivi product has an in-built MEMS microphone. This microphone will enhance your calling experience and give clear audio to the receiver. 

Most of these earphones have a fair calling quality. However, this Mivi product overcomes these issues. Thus, you will experience the next Gen calling experience.

Dust And Sweat Proof

The issue that most of the price suffers from this neckband type earphones is sweat damage and dust damage. Now you can fearlessly use this earphone on your workouts as it has sweatproof and dustproof. 

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Regardless of the weather, you will get a true audio output from the product.

Great Build Design

Mivi Collar 2B Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Mivi has a good build design and it is made with fine premium materials. This Bluetooth earphone has integrated controls in the neckband. You can easily control your playlists from the volume buttons and manage the receiving calls with the power button.

Dual Pairing

This dual pairing technology allows you to pair two different devices simultaneously. 

This feature can be utilized to pair your earphones with your laptop and mobile at the same time. Thus, you can watch movies on your system without worrying about incoming calls.

Other Worth Of Mentioning Features Of Mivi Collar 2B Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

These Collar 2B Bluetooth earphones have a lightweight of 26 grams to give a light feel on your neck and ears. 

[amazon link=”B08RX91628″ link_icon=”amazon” title=”Mivi Collar 2B” /] Wireless Bluetooth Earphones also support the voice assistant feature. So, you can simply raise commands to play music and to make calls.

It comes in 6 colors of Blue, Grey, Black, Green, Orange, and Red. Make it yours with just 1,199 INR.