MINDFIED Smart Watch A1 Launched in India at very affordable price point.

MINDFIED has recently launched the A1 Wireless Bluetooth Smart Watch that is compatible with every Android Phone and highly suitable for any person, irrespective of gender and age.

The Watch features the Activity Tracking system to enable the users to track down their regular accomplishments. One gets to control the music with the desired music player. The Watch also functions anti-lost function and sleep monitors!

Features and Specs Detail

Now, we will be having a look at the top features of the MINDFIED A1 Wireless Bluetooth Smart Watch. The Watch has multiple features with stunning shades of compatibility and working mode benefits. The Functionality of the set deserves special mention. 

Compatibility & Resolution:

The device is compatible with all Android mobiles, tablets, including ios sets. The touch screen is susceptible, coming with perfect match technology.

The resolution ratio is 240 pixels * 240 pixels. 


There are two modes of function, Phone Function, and Sync.

The Watch incorporates the presence of a SIM slot and micro SIM. Phone calls and answering is possible directly from the smartwatch. The sync function enables sleep monitoring, text reading, and scheduling. 

Working Mode: 

Making or answering phone calls is possible through Bluetooth. The user gets messages or calls through the inserted SIM card. The set typically works as a Cell Phone.

Every product has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. In the below section, we have drafted the critical points of appreciation and concern for this particular product. 


  • The presence of great features like image viewing, sound recording, remote capturing, calculators, alarms, etc., is a significant advantage for this item.
  • The battery life is for 24 hours. However, it depends on usage at times. 
  • 1.54” TFT HD LCD screen, presenting smart watch entertainment like mp3/mp4 camera. 
  • The functions fully support android 4.3 and smartphones.


  • Only supportive of common water issues like washing of hands. Not compatible with swimming or other heave water-related activities. 
  • The set is only bearable with GSM 2G/2.5 G Network SIM Card. 

MINDFIED Smart Watch A1 Bluetooth Wireless Smart Watch Product Information 

  • Brand: MIDFIELD
  • Model: A1 
  • SIM: Micro 
  • Resolution: 240*240 Pixels 
  • Country of Origin: India 

The Smart Watch is all packed with multiple specificity and unique features. A smart watch that serves as a smartphone itself is obvious to drag your attention.

Many customers have bought this item and have dropped their valuable feedback on how the Watch is brilliant! What are you waiting for now? Place your order today.