Recently Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturing giant rolled out Mi Smart band 5 out of many other brand-new products in India on the 29th of September.

The descendant of the most common Mi Smart band 4 is available at a very fair price of 2499 INR.

Let’s check mi smart band 5 review, mi smart band 5 features, mi smart band 5 specifications(specs), mi smart band 5 price in India, mi smart band 5 complete features details.

Advantageous Attributes of Mi Smart Band 5

This Mi smart band 5 is about to surpass smartwatch easily because of its smarter look and advantageous attributes. Due to this ongoing pandemic, everyone is more anxious about their capability and welfare.

With such a fair price, Indians will lean towards a devoted fitness band with valuable attributes over a smartwatch. This cool gadget benefits people to check on their strengths while working out.

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Mi Smart Band 5 Price in India and Online Presence

Mi smart band 5 is exclusively launched on Amazon India on 29th September 2020. But it is going on sale on 1st October at 12 noon.

Mi smart band 5 will be available at Rs 2499 launching price. This mi smart band 5 is equipped with some advanced features.

Mi Smart Band 5 Specifications(specs) & Top Highlights

Mi Smart Band 5 specifications

The following are the prominent features of the classy Mi Smart band 5:

  • Dynamic 2.79(1.1″) AMOLED large screen.
  • Magnetic Charging method
  • 50m Water Resistance
  • Smartly Monitor 24-hour sleep and heartrate
  • Provision of 11 sports modes
  • Personal professional health aid available
  • Women’s menstrual tracker
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Water Resistance Property

Mi Smart Band 5 Features Quick Review in Detail

Detailed analysis of the assets of stylish Mi Smart band 5 are as follows:

  • The Mi Smart band 5 is available in five exciting new colours. The user can now choose from orange, teal, purple, navy blue, and black as its standard colour.
Mi Smart Band 5 tracker
  • The user can keep track of all the actions performed for an entire week if the band is in use rigorously. The Mi Smart band 5 has a battery that works till 14 days with continuous use. If the user switches battery saver mode in on position, then it will work for 3weeks.

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Mi Smart Band 5 Battery Performance

  • The Mi Smart band 5 provides professional health assistant that calculates the personal vitality index with the help of heart rate, age, gender, and other important points. This personal activity intelligence (PAI) score suggests a user of proper exercises and improves upon it.

Mi Smart Band 5 Review: Mi Fit App

  • You can even add your partner or your friend to your Mi Fit App. This will engage both of you as you track and compete for our work out remotely. It is ready to use on synchronizing the data with iOS and Android using Mi Fit companion phone app.
  • The modernized charging setup of this electronic device adds a new magnetic chord straight into the tracker from the back. The new procedure empowers quicker charging even when it hits 0% battery charge. Now, no need to separate the tracker from the band for gearing it up again.

Mi Smart Band 5 Intelligent Algorithm

Mi Smart Band 5 details
  • The Mi Smart band 5 is at a higher position than its entrants at this price range because of its smarter and fashionable design. Xiaomi launched the Mi Smart band 5 with an intelligent algorithm to track all the activities of the user and calculate the PAI score. Its exclusive screen makes it easier to view under outdoor sunlight.
  • Its high resistance to water like the Mi Smart band 4 makes the new model very beneficial and valuable. Swimmers can now tie it around their hands and go swimming.
  • The control to watch over weather forecasts, social media notifications, listening to music, answering calls is achievable with a slight touch over the screen. Fitness freaks, athletes, and workaholics will more likely choose it over Smartwatch and its other competitors.

Mi Smart Band 5 Review: AMOLED Display

  • The transformation of Mi Smart band 4 with a size of 1.1-inch that is 2.79cm AMOLED touchscreen led to the formation of Mi Smart band 5. With an increase in the display area by 20%, it will be easier to get a brighter, clear, and better look at large icons. It will help the user to read more data from the Mi Smartband 5 screen during daylight.

Mi Smart Band 5 Heart Rate Monitor

Mi Smart Band 5 heart rate tracker
  • The Mi Smart Band5 is inbuilt with a continuous heart rate monitor. Now you can get accurate information about your heartbeat during your workouts. Whether you are running, climbing stairs, trekking, etc., you can track your heart rate accurately with the help of the latest hardware technology on board.

Mi Smart Band 5 PPG Biosensors

  • The Mi SmartBand5 comes with PPG biosensors, which will provide instantaneous data and alarms to the user when he/ she attains the desired goal.
  • The PPG biosensors in the Smart band 5 will also record significant metrics like strength, posture, distance, speed, and calorie burnt as the user performs outdoor exercises. It will alarm you as your heart rate rises over the normal.

Mi Smart Band 5 Stress Level Tracker

  • Two prominent traits present in the product are tracking stress and aided breathing exercises. This product is beneficial to every age group individual for having good health. The moment stress levels increase, the user gets a notification to recover from the stress by suggesting easing up.
Mi Smart Band 5 sports modes

Mi Smart Band 5 Menstrual Cycle Tracker

  • The Mi smart band 5 is valuable for women as it comes with a menstrual cycle tracker. It records and reminds females about ovulation cycles and commencement of the menstrual period. It understands you better as you start using it more.

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Mi Smart Band 5 Motion Sensor

  • The motion sensors of Mi smart band 5 make it more valuable for fitness lovers. This characteristic helps to check upon yoga, hopping over a rope, rower machine workout, elliptical machine exercise, indoor and outdoor cycling, running outdoor or on a treadmill, brisk walk, and freehand weight loss workouts.

Yoga Mode: Mi Smart Band 5 Review

  • In yoga and cycling mode, the smart band 5 helps the user to keep perfect posture, flexibility, and strengthen lower limbs. If the user wants to burn fat, improve resistance power, and strengthen the heart and lungs, then Mi Smart band 5 in jump rope and elliptical mode as per choice.

Mi Smart Band 5 Sleep Monitoring Feature

Mi Smart Band 5 features
  • Now it is easier to have a good night’s sleep with your Mi Smart band5. The device helps you track your sleep pattern using the ‘Sleep Monitoring’ feature. You will get sleep pattern interpretation from the experts when you use this feature. You can keep a tab on your night’s sleep, your afternoon rest, and even your power naps.
  • Users affected by insomnia will find useful scientific advice to improve their quality of sleep and resolve sleep-related issues. You will always wake up fresh from your sleep.
  • The Smart Band 5 comes with an exciting new camera control attribute. Now get the perfect shot by controlling your selfie angles.
  • The user will receive alerts on being idle as the main motive of Mi Smart band 5 is to make the user fit and fine. The band comes with a host of productivity improvement tools like remote phone unlock, a reminder on a calendar, etc.

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