Mi speakers are capable of delivering booming sounds to 3nrich your listening experience. Everyone needs to hear the powerful audio along with the thumping bass. Using this, most of the latest Bluetooth speakers are designed to provide the sound that everyone demands. MI Portable 16 W Bluetooth speaker is their recent launch. 

We have their features and specs in detail to finalize whether this speaker is worth it for you or not. 

Top Highlights Of The Specs Of Mi Portable 16 W Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth version5.0
Battery power 13-hours 
Power output16 W 
Connectivity range  10 m 
EQ modes Smooth and heavy bass 
Mic support and TWS modeAvailable
Voice assistant supportAvailable
Charging port Type C 
Waterproof ratingIPX7
Carrying strap Included 
Design Cylindrical with mesh design 
Weight 400 g
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Detailed Information About The Specs Of Mi Portable 16 W Bluetooth Speaker

Most Bluetooth speakers are preferred for their low weight and better wireless connectivity. To ensure the availability of what people demand, Mi has the Bluetooth version 5 to provide a better wireless connectivity range. The net weight is also about 400 grams to achieve better portability. 

Speaking about the design, it is highly durable with the anti-slip pad and high grade built materials outer part is much better to withstand damages with the mesh structure like the Boat Stone 1200(Review). To carry it wherever you go, they provide a carrying loop along with the speaker. Hang the loop on your backpack and ready to go with the adventure. 

Sound Output

It can deliver a powerful sound like the Boat Stone 1400. The MI portable speaker combined the action of dual 8 W speakers to deliver the immersive 16 W sound output. You will get blowing sound in best Boat speakers

So, along with the immersive sound output, you also have the option to customize the bass effects as per your mood. People don’t always have the same mood, sometimes soothing bass effects are preferred and sometimes the energetic bass is needed. 

Mi portable speaker comes with dual EQ modes like the Boat Stone 1500. With the use of this EQ mode, you can vary the bass effects from smooth to high bass effects. 

Another feature of this speaker is the TWS feature this is most common in latest Boat speakers. If you have a large enough space and need more sound juice to flow through the entire space, you need this TWS feature. You can join two MI portable 16 W speakers together and enjoy the powerful sound output in your space. 


Battery performance is much more significant with any kind of gadget you use. You will get about 13-hours of battery life available with this speaker, thanks to its 2600 mAh high capacity battery. 

Waterproof ratings 

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Your stylish Mi speaker will last long on any kind of water damage with the availability of IPX7 waterproof ratings. So, dive into the pool by keeping your speaker aside, even the water spills can’t stop the thumping beats.