Best Deals and Discount Offers on Jbl Tuner 2 in Amazon Sale 2020


JBL never stops surprising its customers, it has recently launched a new JBL TUNER 2; DAB/DAB+/FM Radio.

If you are looking for a portable, compact, and waterproof FM radio and Bluetooth speaker combo, then JBL Tuner is the choice to go for. JBL Tuner being compact and waterproof is the perfect choice for your garden parties, poolside fun, and long drives.

JBL TUNER 2 at Lowest Price In India

It is having an MRP 6999 Rs but is available for 6499 Rs only on Amazon, i.e. for a discount of 7%. It is a good choice to buy because of the following characteristics:

Specifications of JBL Tuner 2:

  • Long hours of playtime
  • HD Sound experience
  • FM Tuner
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • LCD Display
  • Splash proof
  • Attractive colors

All The Features Overview of JBL Tuner In Detail

Long hours of playtime

JBL tuner 2 offers long periods of continuous music experience. Once charged, it works incessantly for 12 hours. Therefore, letting you enjoy all the songs you want.

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The battery cell composition is of Lithium-ion. And gets charged within 3.5 hours. The battery is in-built and is having 1500mAh.

JBL TUNER 2 portable bluetooth speaker

HD Sound Experience

JBL Tuber 2 offers pro sound quality. The deep drivers supply a punchy, high definition, and crystal clear music streaming. It is good for outdoor use and doesn’t get lost amidst the noise of the surroundings.

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FM Tuner

The JBL Tuner 2 gives you a dual performance of FM Radio and Bluetooth connectivity with all your devices. You can stream as many classic FM channels as with this tuner. You can set a maximum of five radio stations in your tuner.

It has a frequency range of 87MHz to 105MHz. It has five buttons which you can press and preset all the FM channels you love.

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Wireless Connectivity

It also offers an association with all your devices using the Bluetooth modification. So if you are bored of listening to the FM, you can link the tuner to your device and play your favorite playlist.

You can bridge it to all the gadgets you own, such as android, iOS, windows etcetera. The Bluetooth Version present in the tuner is 4.1.

LCD Display

The black LCD Display of JBL Tuner 2 gives it a perfect luminescence, resolution, and contrast ratio, making it look elegant look.

By this one can see the details of the FM channel or the songs they are listening to. The LCD is backlit, hence making the display clear to read.

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IPX 7 Waterproof:

You can take it to pool-sides, to picnics, and can even dance in the rain. You don’t have to worry about any water spills on your tuner, cause it is waterproof due to the latest IPX Technology. So you need not have to feel apologetic if you fortuitously tumble some liquid on it.

jbl tuner 2 price, features, discount, deals and offers

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It is mainly available in the all-time classic Black color and Chalk White colors. The color choices make them stand out.

Dimensions and weight

The tuner is cuboidal in shape with curved edges. The dimensions are 165×66×66 mm. The tuner is light in weight and weighs 445gm.

Thus you need not agonize or fret about where to store or carry your favorite tuner, whenever you have to proceed somewhere. The condensed and brief design of the tuner makes it the perfect choice to go for.


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